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Find Out All about Car Brands Maintenance Cost and Whether It Is Expensive to Own

The Most Expensive Car Brands

When buying a car, you need to understand that spending is just beginning. As the car ages, it will require more and more money for repairs, be it current or emergency. Some brands are ahead of the rest in this regard.

The results of a study by the American company YourMechanic, they are engaged in car brands maintenance cost, therefore analyzed the costs of owners of cars of different brands. Not surprisingly, the most demanding were expensive vehicles, which boast a host of additional electronic and other systems.

The price of a car, new or used, is not the only economic consideration to consider when investing in a vehicle. Maintenance costs play an important role in a person’s experience as a car owner. Any car has a certain resource. Moreover, the service life of the machine depends on many factors. It is important that the car is initially of decent quality. Even with the most careful care, cars assembled from cheap materials and components cannot last long.

Service is an important expense item that is relevant for a car of any class, price segment, body type, or purpose. Absolutely every car owner is faced with service. But the costs are different for everyone.

It is important not to confuse the concept of operating costs and maintenance. Operations include all costs necessary to maintain the machine in good condition. This is refueling, buying consumables, paying for parking, tax fees, and so on. Maintenance mostly repairs. But it also includes planned and unscheduled maintenance with a mechanic price list.

In order to determine the most expensive cars to maintain, clear criteria and frameworks need to be established. The deliberately expensive brands and models will not participate here. That is, all sorts of Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, or Lamborghini are not included here. And so it is clear that the costs for them will be enormous. Here we will look at more affordable, widespread cars, which, when purchased, may seem quite adequate for the upcoming costs, but they will be the most expensive to maintain.

Most Expensive Car Brands to Maintain

  • Audi, which costs about $12,400 to service over 10 years. Interestingly, the Volkswagen AG Group has the rule to make each pair MOT twice as expensive as the previous one, and this applies to both Skoda and Audi.

For example, the minimum service price for an Audi A8 with a 4.2-liter gasoline engine is $282. That is how much the first service costs and the second includes diagnostics and its price is already $585.

The 3.0-liter Audi Q8 is slightly cheaper to service – $278, $407, and $320 for the first three MOTs, while the fourth and eighth cost $673.

Audi A4 Allroad. Perhaps the most expensive repair will be on this particular car. But for this, we still have to try to overcome German reliability. The rating includes a car of the 2016 model and is fresh. It was in 2016 that the release of a new generation of a station wagon with all-wheel drive and improved cross-country ability began. It is clear that the Audi brand is expensive to maintain. But on the other hand, malfunctions are rare. With proper content, annual costs can be up to $1,500. But in most cases, the numbers go up to $2,500 per year.

The machine has problems with excessive consumption of oil and gear lubrication. Audi vs Lexus maintenance costs you can see below when you get to the next model. Buy only original fluids. If you take an analog, the nodes will quickly begin to lose their resource. Having lost sight of the problems with the gearbox and the motor, you will have to pay a lot of money for repairs.

  • Mercedes-Benz, which cost their owner about $12,900 in 10 years. That’s almost $1,300 a year. Replacing the timing belt costs $404, while the laborious “operation” to replace the intake manifold flaps together with the manifold itself costs $540.

Mercedes vs Lexus maintenance costs are the highest, and in this model, it does not matter whether the basic version or the top-end variants are serviced. The customer pays at least $606 for standard service, and if the filters are changed (there are several of them), then the price jumps to $808.

The average cost of 10 years of maintenance: $12,800. Of course, Mercedes-Benz wouldn’t mind being overshadowed by the maintenance cost for BMW on this particular list.

Brake fluid is changed twice a year – $135, and new brake pads cost $860 per unit. Candles cost $202. The same amount is paid for servicing the Mercedes-Benz GLS crossover.

  • BMWs are the most expensive to maintain, averaging $17,800 over 10 years, and the difference from Mercedes-Benz is definitely impressive. It is reported that for Bavarians, a visit to a service station largely depends on both the mileage and the driving style.

And here the leader in cost is the flagship of the brand – the 7-Series, and its price is comparable to BMW vs Lexus maintenance costs. Each regular service costs about $606, which includes cabin filters. Replacement pads cost $808 and spark plugs $242.

Similar amounts are needed for the BMW X6, where maintenance is slightly more expensive at $640 and pad replacement at $889. But candles are cheaper – $215.

BMW respects its reputation by positioning itself as the most expensive brand to service, with a $4,900 lead over the second most expensive brand. The biggest difference with the next brand on the entire list, so yes, is BMW expensive to own.

Lexus Service Cost

Lexus Car

Summing up, it is impossible to do without mentioning the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Because the Lexus LX is not just a premium version of the Toyota Land Cruiser. No, what Toyota, what are you talking about? The Lexus LX SUV is three tons of luxury and pathos carved out of gold-veined granite. If you say that you have never wanted a similar car for yourself, then I will say that you are still either too young, or disingenuous. Here lies the answer to the last question, but the most important one: is there a place for the Lexus LX in the modern world?

Well, just look around the streets. Impressive design and a sense of luxury, delivered on a sturdy and reliable chassis suitable for all roads and directions – this is why the “old school” Lexus LX is still chosen in this ever-rushing modern world. Many people are interested in are Lexus expensive to maintain, our answer is no cheap cars. For some, a certain amount will seem expensive, but for others, it will not be so big. Therefore, all cars with repairs cost money.

Infiniti: The Average Cost of 10 Years of Maintenance: $9,300

Infinity Car

Infiniti vs Lexus maintenance costs is not that different. With 30 years of experience, the luxury car brand Nissan is in the intermediate range of the ranking.

The Infiniti FX crossover was created in 2003 specifically for the American market. The car had two modifications: the FX35 with a 3.5 V6 engine with a capacity of 283 hp. from. And FX45 with 4.5-liter “eight” (315 or 328 hp) Infiniti FX35 had rear-wheel drive as standard, all-wheel drive transmission was offered for a surcharge, the FX45 version had all-wheel drive only. All cars were equipped with a five-speed “automatic”.

Toyota vs Lexus Maintenance Cost

The Toyota Maintenance Regulations are a set of manufacturer’s recommendations that take into account the operating features of all Toyota models. The maintenance schedule contains all the necessary information on the maintenance of the vehicle during the entire period of its operation. In order for your car to be always in perfect technical condition, you should regularly follow the prescribed by the manufacturer of actions aimed at maintaining the vehicle. And then you won’t have any problems! We hope our information is useful to you.

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