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The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

rarest coffee in the world

The most expensive coffee – you can’t find it on grocery store shelves, and true gourmets can shell out a fortune for it. Some of these varieties are produced in the most favorable areas, while others are created by using the digestive tract of animals. So, read more about that below.

Rating of the Most Expensive Coffee

Rating of the most expensive coffee in the world – the opportunity to learn about the most delicious and rare drinks, for which you have to pay significantly more than for a similar drink in a regular coffee shop. The cost is given in dollars per 450 grams.

Black Ivory

most expensive cup of coffee in the world

Price: $550

The most expensive coffee in the world is Black Ivory. Its price is the highest price of coffee in the world, but this is due to the difficulties in production.

  • The border between Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar is the place where Black Ivory sprouts. This location is also called the “Golden Triangle;
  • The rarest coffee in the world is made in a similar way to Kopi Luwak, but instead of marten, the manufacture uses the food tract of an elephant;
  • This time it’s not the beliefs of local farmers, but rather the chemical processes going on inside the elephant. The animal’s stomach breaks down the protein, depriving the coffee beans of their bitterness;
  • To get one “batch,” we have to wait 30 hours. During this time, the elephant’s stomach contains not only berries but also other familiar food, which makes it very difficult for the farmers.
  • However, coffee in the stomach of the elephant of the vegetarian diet gives the drink a rich, fruity taste. Foodies note the banana flavor and floral hints.

Kopi Luwak

really expensive coffee

Price: $450

Kopi Luwak gets silver of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. The second word in the name refers to martens, which inhabit the coffee plantations of Sumatra. Their main diet is berries fallen from the trees.

  • Local farmers believe that the stomach juices of these martens have medicinal effects on humans. The grain from the tree can travel all the way down the esophagus, saturate with beneficial substances, and then come out naturally;
  • Indonesian farmers then cull the litter to find the beans in it. This is used to make almost the most expensive coffee, the price of which is significantly higher than store-bought analogs;
  • Those gourmets who agree to taste the finished drink note its caramel and chocolate notes, with no “nasty” flavors;
  • Many experts have conducted studies of the finished grains, noting that there is not a trace of marten droppings in them;
  • Indonesian Kopi Luwak is considered traditional, but similar coffees are also produced in India and the Philippines. This makes it possible to supply the beverage to gourmets all over the world, but not everyone recognizes non-Indonesian variants.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

most expensive coffee

Price: $104

  • The trees sprout on plantations in Western Panama, near Mount Baru at 1,700 meters above sea level. This place was chosen for obvious reasons – the soil is rich in minerals;
  • It is not the most expensive coffee, the price of which is far from the maximum, but it is certainly one of the most environmentally friendly. The region, where the Hacienda La Esmeralda plantation is located has the official status of a place not subject to harmful human intervention;
  • The ecological status is monitored by the farm owner who forbids disturbing the ecosystem by logging or hunting local birds and animals;
  • Gourmets think that its taste is very complex. At the same time, it has notes of chocolate, fruit, and spices.

Blue Mountain

most expensive coffee in the world

Price: $100

Next is one of the most expensive coffees in the world Blue Mountain. It is grown in Jamaica. The name was chosen in honor of the “Blue Mountain” where the trees are located;

  • This is the first coffee in the selection that although grown in the same place but on different plantations. All of them are located in areas close to Blue Mountain. Each site is over 2 thousand meters above sea level;
  • Coffee trees are surrounded by papaya and mango trees;
  • Practically, the most expensive coffee after roasting is packaged in wooden barrels rather than bags like other varieties. Producers argue that this is due to the high value of the beverage;
  • Gourmets who have tasted Blue Mountain note its delicate and subtle taste. There is no bitterness at all in it, only a wine aroma is felt. The aftertaste is saturated.

Saint Helena Coffee

expensive coffee in the world

Price: $79

Saint Helena Coffee is the top five of the most expensive coffees in the world. The recognition of this Arabica (Bourbon) mono-variety is due to the location of the plantations.

  • St. Helena is a place that ranks among the cleanest regions on the planet. The first seeds of coffee trees were delivered to this region back in the 18th century. They were brought from Yemen;
  • Almost the most expensive coffee grows at an altitude of more than 700 meters above sea level. It receives more than 3 thousand millimeters of rainfall per year;
  • Harvesting takes place from mid-calendar autumn to February. The harvested grains are washed and dried. The trees are fertilized only with natural substances dominated by seabird droppings;
  • The islands have a lot of volcanoes, which makes the soil literally impregnated with minerals, which increases the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee. The harvest is not too rich, which is also true for other expensive varieties of coffee. They harvest about 12 tons a year.
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