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The Owner of Arsenal Turned Down the Offer from Daniel Eck to Buy the Club


Several weeks earlier, a former Arsenal player named Thierry Henry shared information that the founder of the music streaming service Spotify, Daniel Eck, has made an offer to the management of Arsenal to buy the club.

However, such an offer to buy the London football club was turned down by the owner Stan Kroenke.

According to Forbes, Arsenal is estimated at an amount of 2.8 billion dollars. This makes it the eighth-most valuable football club in the world.

Last month, the Swedish billionaire said that he has been a huge fan of Arsenal for all his life and would like to buy it if the club owners want to sell it. He raised funds to make a really good offer and even arranged to finance the deal. He was also supported by former players such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira. But his offer to purchase was eventually rejected by American billionaire Stan Kroenke. 

Before this, on April 23, Arsenal fans arranged a protest against the owner of the club. They have long been dissatisfied with the results and the business model that Kroenke has built during his ownership of the club. Therefore, they demanded his resignation. Fans held banners, burned the fire, and shouted that they want Arsenal to return.

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