The Service Gives PS4and PS5 Owners Access to Hundreds of Games via Subscription

sony team subscription

Build engineer Garrett Fredley wrote on his LinkedIn profile that he was adopted in the PlayStation Game Preservation Team on April 25th. The man led the save team for the FIFA franchise at Electronic Arts for three years.

Fredley also wrote the words of thanks to General Quality Assurance Manager at PlayStation Studios,Mike Bishop. The studio prepares to launch the updated PlayStation Plus service. The users will have access to classic games from PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 due to the subscription. They will be able to play using PS4, PS5 consoles, and PC.

The PlayStation Game Preservation Team only has to deal with the problem of synchronizing the saves of completed games in the cloud and locally.

The Game Developer website declared that Sony began to make more requirements on developers before the launch of the unified service. For example, several game studios which are working on products with a wholesale price of at least $34 have to create trial versions of at least two hours.

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