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The Proper Way to Put On Cologne

best way to put on cologne

The scent of a man is one of the first business cards that people who come into contact with him at close range pay attention to. And, first of all, we are talking about women who certainly do not remain indifferent to it.

The name “cologne” is used by many people as a noun to denote all men’s perfumes, although, in fact, it is nothing more than a marketing move. However, the stereotype that the use of cologne is exclusively a male prerogative is firmly entrenched in the minds of men and women. The manufacturers offer absolutely different variants of fragrant products. To always smell delicious, you need to know where to spray cologne, how much cologne to use, and we will tell you about it.

Types of Men’s Perfumes

how to use cologne

Classification of male fragrances is based on the concentration of perfumery components in them.

Based on the intensity and persistence, male fragrances are divided into:

  • Perfume is the most saturated and therefore the most persistent type of perfume which contains from 20 to 30% of fragrant substances. Their distinctive feature is the proneness of the base notes. Since their concentration is very high, apply cologne in winter, as well as a component of the evening toilet.
  • Perfumery water – this includes lighter fragrances with a concentration of perfume substances at the level of 12-20%. Medium notes are more pronounced here, but in terms of resistance, they are not inferior to the previous type. Put on cologne during the day will be the most suitable for you.
  • Toilet water is a light, unobtrusive perfume, in which the upper notes are well expressed. The concentration of fragrant substances is significantly inferior to the two previous species – only 8-10%. For this reason, the correct way to apply cologne will be throughout the day, and it must be used more than once.
  • Cologne – it has 3-8% content of fragrant components. This type of perfume is mainly chosen for daily use because its scent is much less persistent. Lotions, deodorants, and other skincare products – since the scent does not play a major role in them, the concentration of fragrant substances is less than 3%. For this reason, you can only distinguish the fragrance at a close, intimate distance.

The fragrance composition – woody and musky, more resistant than citrus and floral – also has an influence on the duration of the scent preservation.

How to Choose a Cologne?

Professionals in the field of perfumery say that the aftertaste” of cologne should be audible to its owner for at least one hour – during this time, it should not fall apart on notes and fly away. The normal “sound” for a loop is 60-90 cm.

It will be easier to determine the quality of the smell if you take a friend with you to the store. If you hear the fragrance closer than 3 cm or if the smell of the sampler disappears after 10 minutes – it is a bad smell, and this perfume should be avoided. The same story, if the situation is just the opposite and the crushing scent makes every person turn around – should also be avoided.

It is not really that difficult to determine your scent: you should apply the product to your skin and walk with it for a couple of days. If you don’t reject it during this time and you like it as much as you did in the beginning, you should go back and buy it.

Proper Cologne Application

applying cologne

The stability of the fragrance and its disclosure largely depends on compliance with the applicable rules. However, not everyone knows the proper way to apply cologne, so they make typical mistakes: for example, apply it as the last finishing touch of the image – before leaving. This approach does not allow the smell to open, and the product leaves traces on clothing, also, it poorly spreads the fragrance.

Another important tip is that you can’t apply the composition to the body, heating it up in your hands, thus causing damage to the formula. Any fragrance has several layers: first, the top notes are opened, then the middle notes come, and at the end, the final chord – the base notes. If you grind the medium, this sequence is broken, and you can get a completely different sound than the manufacturer intended.

The only correct method of application is spraying. But you should not spray the fragrance in the air or on the room, as our grandfathers used to do – there is a great risk of overdoing the smell and causing negative emotions in others instead of pleasant feelings.

How to Use Cologne

  • Apply immediately after hygienic procedures on cleanly washed skin;
  • Wrist, elbow fold, earlobes, under the knee or on the neck – the best places to spray cologne.
  • In order not to overdo the scent, you should use no more than two ripple points at a time;
  • If you want a light fragrance, you can spray the product on your hairbrush and comb – the hair retains its scent perfectly;
  • If a man uses, for example, a lotion and another stronger product, they should be one line of one manufacturer otherwise, you can get a conflict of smells.
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