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The Rapper Kanye West Moves Into Atlanta Stadium To Finish His New Album Donda

Kanye West Is Currently Living at the Stadium, Where He Presented His New Album

We are already used to the Kanye delays. For example, his previous album’s release was postponed several times at the very last moment. His forthcoming Donda was supposed to be released on July 23, but it never happened.

It was reported that after the successful presentation of the new album called Donda, Kanye West decided to stay at the Atlanta stadium. According to observers, the rapper still walks through the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the same clothes- a red jacket from the collaboration with Gap, Yeezy sneakers, and a mask.

The whole performance the lonely Kanye was running, making strange movements, kneeling, and even crying. Among the audience was Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and at the very end of the concert, Jay-Z’s voice sounded. Following the presentation, Kanye’s representatives announced that the album’s release would be postponed to August 6th.

The guests left the party, but Kanye himself stayed. The fans’ support during the show inspired the rapper so much that he decided to finish work on the Donda album right in the stadium. So, he built there a studio, a small house, and even a kitchen where he invited a personal chef.

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