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The Rock, Di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Other Top-Earning Stars of Hollywood

The Fees of Hollywood Stars Became Known: Daniel Craig Is the Highest-Paid Actor

The Variety edition found out about the financial situation of the actors, whose condition was greatly affected by the closed cinemas due to the pandemic and the falling box office. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about Hollywood stars: the streaming services came to their aid, where you can still make great money. Daniel Craig was even able to refresh his fortune (which, by the way, he is not going to pass on to his children) by 100 million thanks to a high-profile deal with Netflix. The platform generously compensates the actors for the fact that the premiere will not take place in the traditional form. For the same service, Leonardo DiCaprio, along with Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, and Ryan Gosling were also filmed. And they were included in the list of top 10 actors with the highest fees for a single role. Dwayne Johnson drew attention to another streaming and has already received 30 million dollars for cooperation with Amazon, and after fulfilling all obligations under the contract, the amount will grow to 50 million dollars.

So, how much do Hollywood actors and actresses make?

  1. Daniel Craig received 100 million dollars for the sequel Knives Out
  2. Dwayne The Rock Johnson got 50 million dollars for the movie Red One
  3. Will Smith played in the movie King Richard and earned 40 million dollars
  4. Denzel Washington who filmed in The Little Things gained 40 million dollars
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio received 30 million dollars for playing the role in Don’t Look Up
  6. Mark Wahlberg gained 30 million dollars for acting in Spencer Confidential
  7. Jennifer Lawrence took the amount of 25 million dollars for Don’t Look Up
  8. Julia Roberts can boast of 25 million dollars for the film Leave the World Behind
  9. Sandra Bullock earned 20 million dollars for the movie The Lost City of D
  10. Ryan Gosling took part in The Gray Man and got 20 million dollars
  11. Chris Hemsworth, known for filming in Thor: Love and Thunder, gained 20 million dollars for the role
  12. Brad Pitt participated in the filming of Bullet ​​Train for which he got 20 million dollars
  13. Michael B. Jordan got 15 million dollars for Without Remorse
  14. Tom Cruise received 13 million dollars for Top Gun: Maverick
  15. Keanu Reeves took an amount of 12-14 million dollars for the movie The Matrix 4
  16. Chris Pine played in Dungeons and Dragons and got 11.5 million dollars
  17. Robert Pattinson gained 3 million dollars for the movie Batman
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