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The Speeder by Jetpack Aviation Is the First Flying Motorcycle, and It Is Almost Ready

World’s First Flying Motorcycle Aces Successful Test Run

The future is here! This flying motorcycle can reach 15,000 feet and accelerates a speed of 300 miles per hour. And Jetpack Aviation’s Speeder makes a futuristic dream come true.

The 231-pound vehicle is powered by four turbojets and can work both on kerosene or diesel. And now it’s ready to go to the global market.

The company has recently announced that the machine has completed a successful launch after a series of test flights held during five months this year. The first prototype managed to take off, go up into the sky, spin, and make slow turns.

Now, when the company is sure that the device works properly, it has already begun work on a more perfect prototype. Soon, Jetpack Aviation wants to provide the third prototype with a fully developed hull along with compact wings as well as to grow the number of engines. This, in turn, would allow a driver with a weight of up to 600 pounds to travel 300 miles to 15,000 feet in 20 minutes.

The first flying motorcycle in the world will be available in both recreational and military models. The price of which will start from 380,000 dollars.

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