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The Stream of Olimpic Games 2021 That Will Take Place in Tokyo Will Be Available on Twitch

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The 2021 Summer Olympics is approaching. The long-awaited event will take place in Tokyo. In this regard, many TV channels are already thinking about how to make a global sports game more accessible. While viewers from America will be able to watch the broadcast on various channels, NBC announced that it will move the watching of the Olympic Games to the Twitch platform.

The channel will provide a little bit more content than the games themselves. NBC’s partnership with the platform will include daily event highlights, interviews with athletes, and much more.

NBC and Twitch also announced that some content will have interactive elements too. In addition, a week before the official start of the Olympics Twitch will host a game in which streamers can work with each other. However, the actual Opening Ceremony will not be streamed live on Twitch.

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