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The Student Will Join Jeff Bezos, Whose Flight into Space Is Scheduled for July 20

Teenager Will Fly Into Space

July 20 is coming! And an 18-year-old teenager from America is going to become the youngest astronaut in history. Oliver Daman will fly in the New Shepard spacecraft owned by Jeff Bezos.

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The boy will join the Amazon founder’s crew and will fly instead of a man who wished to remain anonymous. The man won the auction and donated 28 million dollars to space research. But unfortunately, he was unable to fly into space due to the schedule.

Oliver Daman is the son of the CEO of a Dutch private investment company. His father is also Bezos’s business partner. The young man will become the fourth member of the crew and will join Jeff Bezos and his brother. Among other members of the team will be an 82-year-old American pilot, who will become the oldest astronaut in history. The flight is scheduled for July 20 and the ship will fly to 105 kilometers. It is expected that the flight will last approximately 15 minutes.

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