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The United States Icons of All Time

No one in our world has not been affected by American culture icons, as the USA is the superpower in the world and is totally in control of the media, cinema, television, the economic, and political aspects across the world. However, almost everywhere in America, you can find a theater, an art gallery, or an archaeological place, which makes your saturation with that high artistic culture an inevitable matter throughout your studies. So, we made a list of American icons who were the idols of many generations across the universe.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe photo

Born in 1926 in Los Angeles, Marilyn Monroe is the archetype of the American icon. Her real name is Norma Jean Baker Mortenson. At the age of 19, she turned blonde and began her career as a model for André de Dienes.

She followed successes, often in comedy, sometimes in drama, where she proved that she can be talented in all registers.

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962, at the age of 36. Although, the causes are still debated. While the investigation concluded that she committed suicide, the actress is and will remain as one of the American cultural figures.

John F. Kennedy

icons usa

The first Catholic President of the United States, a Democrat, elected in 1960, JFK symbolized youth and change for Americans as an icon of culture. He practiced a bold policy of fiscal stimulus.

His assassination in Dallas on 22 November 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald remains a mystery to many Americans.

Steven Spielberg

list of america icons

A true American icon for the American film industry, Steven Spielberg has not always had a successful career. Rejected from the theater and film school three times, he finally had success with “Jaws. But nothing is ever won, Spielberg had a flop even in his best years, with his comedy ”1941, released in 1980. It did not prevent him from contributing to the transformation of Hollywood cinema made him one of the American culture icons.

Walt Disney

icons of culture

Already at a very young age, Walter Elias Disney was passionate about drawing, but the context of the time did not make his ascent easy. The famous American icon overcomes the wrath of his father to take drawing lessons.

Fired from a newspaper because he “lacks imagination and creativity, he didn’t give up. His first animation business brought him little money and did not allow him to exploit his ideas. So, after a few trials and errors, he ended up creating Disney Brothers Studio. But the trick is not done. The studios didn’t want the character of Mickey Mouse at the beginning, but after the success, he made Walt Disney one of the icons of culture.

Michael Jackson

americal culture icons

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in the United States (in Gary, Indiana), was an American singer and dancer, and died on June 25, 2009, also in the United States (in Los Angeles, California). He is also known as a choreographer, songwriter, performer, actor, and director.

A major cultural figure in the pop music of the 1980s, he was quickly nicknamed “The King of Pop. Michael Jackson is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as “the most successful artist of all time.

Abraham Lincoln

united states icons

His election to the presidency of the United States in 1860 was the signal for the Civil War, won by the North. Abraham Lincoln, a small lawyer of modest origin, anti-slavery, Illinois politician, was the first Republican president. In 1863, the United States Icon proclaimed the abolition of black slavery, enshrined in the 13th Amendment to the constitution. Re-elected in 1864, he was assassinated less than a year later, in the theater, by John Booth.

Bill Gates

famous american icons

William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates, is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur. The famous American icon is the founder of Microsoft.

The computer giant still has many years ahead of him. He was the second richest man in the world. We’re talking about nearly $94.9 billion.

George Washington

cultural figures

The first president of the United States was a wealthy landowner from Virginia. He took a stand in favor of independence. Having militarily defeated, with the help of France, the English in Yorktown, he became a national American icon. Elected in 1789 and re-elected in 1793, George Washington was a proponent of strong federalism, the financial independence of the Union, and its complete neutrality abroad. The famous American Icon is considered one of the founding fathers of the United States by Americans.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Who has never heard of Facebook? Except for one person who would have been cut off from the world since 2004, apparently not many people! Mark Zuckerberg is one of the platform’s pioneers. He is a computer scientist who founded Facebook in 2004, and also its president and CEO.

As one of the icons of the USA, he was named the man of the year by Time magazine in 2010.

The famous American Icon fortune was 52.5 billion dollars in 2018. When you see how popular the social network nowadays, you think that the future will be prosperous for him.

Martin Luther King, JR.

Martin Luther King, JR.

Martin Luther King is a black American pastor but was also an anti-segregationist leader. Born in 1929 in Atlanta, he is not just one of the cultural figures of the 20th century, but also one of the greatest men in the world.

Hie struggled for non-violence and for the civil rights of blacks in the United States.

He is one of those who are now considered as the historical-cultural figures, whose lives were marked by arrests and fierce struggles. His 1963 speech, ”I Have a Dream, is the most known.

In 1964, The American culture icon got a Nobel Peace Prize.

He was murdered by a white segregationist in Memphis in 1968 while supporting a garbage strike. A romantic life of conqueror, which commands respect and admiration.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

However, this famous American icon was not always recognized for his ideas. Thomas Edison’s teachers even said that he was “a hyperactive man and too stupid to learn anything. The holder of more than 1,000 patents was fired from his first two jobs because he would not have been productive enough as an inventor! After some setbacks, he found a job as an assistant telegrapher in Toronto at the Western Union Company, where he turned the telegraph into his first invention, an “automatic Morse code duplex transceiver. He also eventually invented the light bulb, but only after several attempts.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Believe it or not, Oprah Winfrey, now one of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry, didn’t have an easy start. Dismissed from her first television job as co-anchor, the famous American icon was even told she was ‘unfit for television. The American icon of culture has not given up, however. Despite a difficult childhood, the death of her child as a teenager, and many other professionals and personal setbacks, Oprah Winfrey decided to pursue her dreams, becoming a millionaire at the age of 32. In short, thanks to all the icons of the USA, America is a country in which you will find everything. Culture, sophistication, sports, work, liberation, modernity, traditions, and history.

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