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There Are Cases When Home Crossfit Are the Only Opportunities

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There are cases when home CrossFit workouts are the only opportunities for men to join the sport. There are a great desire and motivation for intensive work, but it is difficult to independently balance an effective training program – take into account the sufficient load on all muscle groups, plan the number of approaches, reps, and days of rest. After all, it is obvious that a clear achievable goal and an effective plan are the keys to success in any endeavor.

We have prepared for you a comprehensive review of the most effective exercises and CrossFit training at home for men.

Is It Possible to Get No Equipment CrossFit Workout?

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The first thing to think about before you start exercising is what you might need for it. Let’s look at the question from two angles – mandatory and desirable exercise equipment and accessories.


  • Weights – preferably 2 collapsible dumbbells or kettlebells (ideally 2) with the right weight for you;
  • Skipping rope or bicycle – we will need cardio exercises, but since skipping rope is much cheaper and takes less space, we choose it.


  • Athletic clothing. Even though you are not in the gym and plan to have CrossFit routines at home – clothes are still an important part of the training. It should not cramp your movements, be too overpowering, and do not allow the body to breathe;
  • Mat. For abs exercises, you will need it;
  • Home chinning bar or the opportunity to work out on the street on it. Although a chinning bar is a tool for a limited number of exercises, pull-ups on it are practically indispensable exercises;
  • A sturdy box or other flat and sturdy “elevation” for jumping on it.

The Best CrossFit Workouts at Home

Here we’re going to review the main CrossFit workout routine at home when men can implementing their training programs at home.

  • Burpee. A legendary exercise that has become perhaps synonymous with CrossFit. It is a must-have in CrossFit workout without weights.

How to Do a Burpee Properly?

  1. The starting position is standing. Then squat down, rest your hands in front of you on the floor – arms shoulder-width apart (strictly!).
  2. Next, throw your legs back and assume a handstand position.
  3. Do push-ups so that you touch the floor with your chest and thighs.
  4. Quickly move back to the handstand position.

And then, just as quickly, we move into position number 5. With one small bounce of the legs, we return to the starting position. The 4-5 steps are one movement.

Step 6

And the final touch is the vertical jump and the clap over your head. (Attention: be sure to take a completely vertical position and clap exactly above your head.) Under no circumstances should you slouch – your back should be straight.

Book, or V-Shaped Sit-Ups. An Exercise for the Lower and Upper Abs at the Same Time

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Initial position: athlete lies on back with knees half-bent and arms straight above the head. The buttocks, lower back, and upper back are pressed firmly to the floor. The feet are pressed tight to the floor. If the feet pull away during the approach, try resting only the heels on the floor and distribute the center of gravity as in barbell squats.

The lifter begins the upward body movement while exhaling at the same time. Our task is to lift using abs, trying not to round the back, and trying to reach the feet with fingers. The upper point of the body should be at about a right angle to the floor.

After touching the feet, slowly start descending on an inhale, making the move quickly but in a controlled manner. Keep your arms straight above your head and touch the floor with them, then repeat the entire movement from the beginning.

Squats with and without Weights

If you don’t have kettlebells or dumbbells, you can use a heavy backpack. Good variants of squats without weights at all are jumping up and down on one leg.


It can also be performed with or without weights. The legs and gluteal muscles good for pumping.

The most common type of exercise in our cycle is the dumbbell forward lunge, in which the lifter performs an alternating forward motion with each leg. Depending on the width of the step, the load is distributed between the quadriceps and glutes.

Take a step length of about 60-80 cm, lean on the whole foot, and bend the knee at right angles. In doing so, the knee should not go beyond the toe line. It is important to step strictly straight, without turning your foot inward or outward to the starting position, otherwise, it will be difficult to keep your balance, and the effectiveness of the exercise will fall.

Classic Pull-Ups

One of the key and most important basic exercises – without it, it would be extremely difficult to make an effective set of exercises for home.

Push-Ups from the Floor

Also one of the most important exercises, indispensable for men. It works the chest, triceps, and front delts.


A very popular exercise, it involves many muscle groups, the main ones being the abs and cortex muscles.

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