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This Device Can Convert Alcoholic Beverages into Ice Cream in 30 Minutes

Will Rogers

The inventor has developed the machine that can convert beer and other alcoholic beverages into ice cream in less than 30 minutes. As a result, you get a treat in which you can add sprinkles and chocolate sauce if you want.

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The machine was developed by Will Rogers. Firstly, the beverage is put inside to remove carbon dioxide from it, then it mixes with gel, and ice cream is ready.

Below Zero’s special gel with the nitrogen ingredients allows the alcohol to freeze inside the machine, and then adds sugar. So, if you are a sweet tooth, such a device will cost you 6,000 dollars.

The inventor decided to create the machine when he managed an ice cream store and tried to create a perfect espresso flavor. He began to experiment a lot and came up with the idea to create this machine. Then, he started serving alcoholic delicacies at catering events.

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