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This FDA-Approved Pimples Drug Might Be a Great Treatment for Your Skin

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According to the data from the Academy of Dermatology of America, acne is considered the most common skin problem in the US country. It affects more than 50 million people. But while the disease mostly affects teenagers, it can appear in your life after you turn forty years old. Even though this kind of problem is so popular, there is still no effective solution for this skin condition. Until this moment, the only FDA-approved acne drug was Accutane. But now Winlevi, a new cream for local application, has finally got FDA permission for acne treatment. And this is especially important for men.

The cream blocks the action of male sex hormones which are called androgens. As far as it is known, male hormones play a role in inflammation and sebum production. And acne bacteria is supplied with sebum. This is why acne is common among teens.

Winlevi isn’t the first drug that was used for hormone acne, but the previous drugs weren’t suitable for men. The problem was that they could lower testosterone levels and caused the likely evolution of female secondary sex characteristics. For most men, this was a risk they didn’t want to take. But Winlevi is a topical cream, so it does not have these effects.

Since Winlevi is prescription-only, you must visit a dermatologist so he prescribes it for you. Several studies have shown that Winlevi had few effects such as dryness and flaking. Most importantly, you need to understand that this is part of long comprehensive acne treatment.

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