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This Man Lost 180 Pounds by Following This Cool Men Diet: How to Lose Weight without Problems

kamail nanjiani

He used to practice a very inactive lifestyle before he changed his diet and began shifting fasting. We want to tell you about a guy, who lost over 180 pounds! Continue reading to know all about it!

“I had a very poor diet of fast food and cheap sweets” – explained Kamail Nanjiani, a man who shifted his unhealthy diet into a Plant-Based Diet.

He ate unhealthily every day. Once he looked at himself in the mirror, he fell into a deep depression. He was miserable with his life and the shape of his body, he felt weak and badly, without any powers to move on.

He stopped going outside, communicating with other people. Even the food he ate didn’t bring to him any feelings. Even more, his “coping mechanism” made him feel even worse.

When Did a Miracle Happen?

One day he was at home on his sofa devouring his typical pack of doughnuts, when I had an illustration in my mind of myself dying of a heart attack. He speculated about how his family would find him dead, and about how he could be so large it would take several people to get me out of his flat.

“I knew something had to change right then and there”.

Since that day and a dooming picture of the future he started looking for a diet on YouTube which would match him perfectly. He liked the most one of the videos of Green Smoothies. He chose a complete food plant-based lifestyle and started meal prepping every week.

What Did He Do?

  • Firstly, he separated his meal into 3 portions per day + a few snack-breaks.
  • Secondly, he uploaded a LIFE Fasting Tracker to track his results.
  • Thirdly, he ate only raw foodist (seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables).
  • Fourthly, he applied Vitamix and make a lot of smoothies
  • Finally, 6 months later he put himself on a 100% healthy plant-based diet.

But Kamail Would Be So Good If He:

  • Did not do any exercises every day;
  • Did not ride e-bike;
  • Did not try different recipes to understand that he could eat tasty food but still follow his diet.

Be healthy, handsome, and positive!

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