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This Yacht Has 3 Hulls and Looks like a Real Y-Wing | It Won the Best Design Nomination


This impressive yacht, created by a young designer Yeojin Jung, has three hulls that make it look like a Y-Wing. And this year, the creation of the South Korean designer won a Bronze Prize for its superb design.

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The vessel has 342 feet in length and 46 feet wide, featuring a three-hull design. The capacity of such a yacht is 20 people, and its goal is to provide travelers with comfort and a better view.

The structure divides the boat into three main sections, which are connected by a bridge. This gives each of the passengers of the yacht more space than a traditional yacht provides.

The main center hull is equipped with special stabilizers, and they solve the problem of balance issues. The yacht also features an aluminum-made body and a hybrid diesel engine. It also has an average speed that is perfect for good cruising.

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