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Tie. To Wear or Not to Wear?

how to wear tie

Usually, when you are getting ready for a business meeting or conference, first you think about what to wear: business attire or something casual style. But if the dress code is more or less quite obvious, the question is – what about a tie? Should I wear or better not, and if yes, which one will be more relevant and how to wear a tie?
What do ties symbolize? It always was a symbol of honor, order, and nobility. And people wearing ties subconsciously try to show they are serious and you can count on them.
So, how to choose a qualitative tie? A quality tie should be made of good silk and cut in a bias to keep the knot tight and not twist. In a branded tie the seam on the inside of the wide part is never sewn up to the end. It is not recommended to wash the ties – it is best to send them to dry cleaning.
Why do men wear a tie at all? What is so special with these accessories? Let’s find it out. Men wear ties because it makes their outfit look astonished. The main purpose of a tie is to accent something in your look and to complete it!
Here are some tips about which style of a tie will be perfectly suitable for different kinds of shirts.

Plain Color Tie with the Shirt

A tie of any color is suitable for a white shirt. For a colored shirt, you need to choose a tie that is darker than the shirt.
The tie should not stand out too much from the rest of the clothing. An ensemble of a dark suit, a light shirt, and a darker tie looks a win-win, while all the colors of things should be combined.
While wearing a tie, you should remember that a tie should not be wider than the lapels of the jacket and, when knotted, should reach the belt buckle.
Men wearing a tie in this way will be in trend.

Tie for a Shirt with a Pattern

why do men wear ties

You can use a tie with a geometric pattern or a plain one, but always matching the color of the shirt. It is suitable for a striped shirt or a shirt in a cage. Shirts made of variegated fabric should be worn without a tie or to match them with a dark color option. You should not allow variegation in an ensemble: a suit, a shirt, and the tie cannot all be at the same time with a pattern – one thing should remain monochromatic.

Ties with a Pattern

A patterned tie looks fresh and unusual, it will add a twist to a strict suit. It is recommended to choose a colorful tie to a dark-colored suit. It is better if the shirt is one tone lighter than the suit. Ties with tropical designs, comics, and inscriptions look tasteless and cheap. If you are in doubt about what to combine with a patterned tie, take the risk and buy a plain color model.

Ties with Pin Spot

men tie

Ties with pin spots are in men’s fashion. Short and stocky men should choose a pattern in small peas, and tall and thin men can afford large ones. The smaller the pin spots on the tie, the more elegant the ensemble. The color of the pin spots has to match the color of the shirt.

Summer and Winter Ties

There is a division of ties into winter and summer ones, depending not only on the color: in winter – dark, in summer – pastel shades but also on the textile of the suit. A smooth silk tie matches a summer cotton suit, and a tight wide one is fitting to a woolen suit.
And the answer is definitely – to wear a tie. Man with a tie always looks stylish, representative, and serious.

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