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Tiger Woods Posted an Image after His Recovery Where He Is Standing on Crutches with a Dog

tiger woods

On Friday, for the first time since a serious accident that almost took his life happened, Tiger Woods shared a photo on his social media, where he stands on crutches in the yard next to his beloved dog.

Woods was seriously injured due to a car accident that happened at the Palos Verdes Rancho next to Hawthorne Boulevard. As a result, he suffered breaks of the upper and lower parts of his bones, so the doctors inserted a special rod to stabilize this area. He also had other injuries to the ankle and foot, so some bandages and pins were used to relieve pressure, swelling and protect against infection. In March, he finally was released from the Los Angeles hospital, where he was receiving treatment, to his home located in Florida.

In the photo that was posted, the man looked good and was in a great mood, standing next to his dog named Bugs.

After he crashed his car in February, he spoke to the sheriff at a local Los Angeles hospital. Then Woods mistakenly thought he was in Florida. And according to a report with 22 pages about the accident, which reveals further details about the crash, Woods’ blood was not tested for drugs. Authorities said there weren’t enough compelling reasons for the study.

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