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Tinder Chat: These Tips Will Make Them Like You

tinder chat

Tinder is a popular partially paid application for Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms, designed for romantic dating in accordance with the specified ones and taking into account geolocation. Connection via social network, Facebook, Google account, or phone number is possible. Managed by Match Group, a North American corporation, a subsidiary of IAC.

The program is an adaptation of the earlier Grindr application, which served to meet the audience, with an orientation other than heterosexual. The app is more popular for finding long-term relationships, especially among women; however, some users are used, including for establishing “short-term relationships” and sex without obligations.

Tinder Conversation Guide:

The main actions in the application are swipes – “swipes” (swiping in a horizontal direction): the user is shown photographs and short biographies of candidates (name and age), and the user can swipe to the right if he considers the match to be successful(a number of users never swipes left). If two users have marked each other as a good match, they can start a chat and make an appointment.

The First Thing to Say on Tinder

In any case, if you like someone or you are his admirers, then you just won’t be able to come up and say hello. Inside the stupor knocks and you start to blunt. To get rid of this defense mechanism, people usually resort to stimulants, but most of course this approach is repulsive.

Put Likes to Everyone

You can add likes selectively or faster. It all depends on your desire and the number of free smartphones

You start to receive 3-7 matches every day, you choose a girl you like more or less and start a dialogue. They don’t write first. Even in 2020.

How to have a conversation on Tinder?

In order for you to have a date, you must make stories (or at least upload photos 1-5 times a week) on any social network available to you. So the girl will be able to assume that you are normal, not a maniac, and generally socially adaptive.

Talking on Tinder

talking on tinder

We must send the first message in a voice message, trying to draw out a living voice in response, which will give us a tremendous amount of information. Here is the main one that you vitally need for talking on Tinder:

  1. Gender / Age.
  2. Nationality / place of residence / vocabulary / beauty of the voice.
  3. Loudness of speech.
  4. Speech rate.

Always matches the temperament and pace of a person’s life. Look for what suits you. Shyness / Emancipation.


  1. The size of the mouth. Experts are able to determine it with millimeter precision: the timbre of the voice in people with large and smallmouths is different.
  2. The weight. People grow fat by old age, and this is reflected in the sound of their voices. Fat people have chubby cheeks, so their timbre of voice is softer.

Tinder Messaging Tips:

If a girl prefers to write messages by hand, you absolutely do not need to understand her developmental features. We get to know each other via the Internet, this is important for us.

Of the main reasons, since I constantly collected statistics, the following can be distinguished why people even in 2020 could not communicate by voice:

  1. They work in a team and they are confused/distracted by this option of communication.
  2. They are afraid of perverts, but these are their own problems and phobias.

What to Say to Girls on Tinder:

Where to go, what to say.

You can go bowling, skating rink, billiards, cafes, pizzerias, or just walk in the park and so on. The main thing is you and the interlocutor, and that it would not be too loud.

You will find something to talk about if you just start visiting different places every day. You will simply have something to share with absolutely fresh information right away. How did you spend yesterday, for example, went to the movies with “friends” or was late for the barbershop? This is how it works.

The Main Recommendations on How to Message Girls on Tinder:

tinder chat tips

You always write first. 100% with one exception – they just wait!

Education. If you feel uncomfortable in communication, just go next. This is how it works.

Going to the cinema as a last resort. A very hackneyed opinion that going to the cinema is not worth going on a first date, and this is indeed the case, even in 2020, I checked.

Who pays. Everything is individual and depends on your wealth and city. Personally, my opinion is that after 25 years the guy should pay for the first date anyway, since he is the initiator and, in principle, looks like this (the very acquaintance in this way) that we need it more.

The one who has money pays for 16-20 years, here you need to honestly and openly talk about it, there is nothing shameful about it.

What Is the Use of Talking to Girls on Tinder for 10 Days:

  1. In 1 week you will break into life when competitors prefer to do it in the spring.
  2. You can (almost) easily get acquainted with the usual greeting on the street and immediately ask any of the messengers. Easily.
  3. You will meet wonderful and wonderful interlocutors, you will begin to notice not only sex in girls.
  4. When you have something to talk to a girl about, your chances of having sex increase. It works like this.

Do you know that for flirting on Tinder you need to pay money?

Should You Pay for Dating Apps in 2020?

Whether to pay for dating apps. Tinder has outlived its usefulness in a week, all likes have been delivered, there is no more sense in this application. You only make a one-time payment ($ 7.5), if you do not find a match for yourself during this time, switch to another application or dating in real life.

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