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Today, Hulu Revealed That the Original 9 Series about Lakers’ History Will Arrive in 2022

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Today, Hulu announced that the documentary series will appear in 2022. The original series will consist of nine parts and tell in detail about the last 40 years of the Lakers’ existence. In addition, it contains some emotional interviews of more than 35 people in the organization, as well as many other current and retired members. What’s more, there various interviews with a number of well-known fans and other archival footage of previously unpublished records with late Lakers owner named Jerry Bass.

Since he acquired the team in 1979, the documentary has shown Jerry Bass’s remarkable journey to build and maintain a family sports empire. It is based on a story that is not only about sports and business, but also about a family. Lakers from Los Angeles are one of the brightest sports teams. It is a story of epic ups and downs, and generations of legendary players and teams that have brought a huge impact not only on the world of sports but also on culture.

The project is owned by Hulu and Jeanie Bass, who is the CEO and controlling owner of Lakers, as well as director Antoine who has already won an Emmy award.
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