Tom Brady’s Final Touchdown Ball Was Sold at Lelands Auction for $518,000 USD

tom brady`s touchdown ball

The famous NFL star Tom Brady shared the information about his great return to the NFL on his Twitter. Read more about it here: Tom Brady Will Appear in the 23rd Season in Tampa After 6 Months of Silence. And now there is news that the final men’s touchdown ball before retirement was sold at Lelands auction for $518,000.

According to the sources, the ball was auctioned with a total of 23 bids. The starting bid was $100,000. The 55-yard touchdown was passed to Mike Evans in the fourth quarter of the game. To remind, the competitors were the Los Angeles Rams. Evans pitched the ball into the stands. Someone from the fans caught it and consigned the item.

So, Brady finally came out of his retirement. The 44-year-old footballer has a major sports career that has dragged on so well. Many of his colleagues finish traumatic football much earlier but Brady is athletic. Heis in good shape and became the model of the ideal athlete for many beginners in this case.

So, what can you say about the price? Have you already heard about Tom`s return? Leave your comments below the article!

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