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Tom Cruise Yelled at His Team over COVID 19 Rule Violations

tom cruise

Tom Cruise expressed anger at his crew for violating pandemic rules. Previously, filming was interrupted because of the coronavirus, but in September, they continued on the condition that all the rules will be respected.

In his speech, he made it clear that he would not accept any apologies or excuses. If employees do not adhere to the rules, he will fire them. Such a stance might reflect too much on the Hollywood industry and on the reputation of Tom Cruise and his team. From what he says, quite a large group of employees are not adhering to safety rules.

The actor takes the problem very seriously and became enraged that two employees were standing close to each other. Cruise has a lot of influence in the industry and negotiates with some of the biggest studios that make movies because of him and his team. The loss of his team could shut down the production of many films and the loss of jobs for thousands of people.

Tom’s outcry indicates that he is very worried about closing the film and cannot allow this to happen in any way.

The star of the famous movie Mission Impossible became a public advocate for the movie industry when it ran into problems because of COVID-19. We all know that movie theaters, theaters, and film productions have been delayed or shut down altogether.

You can watch a report on this and hear the actor’s rant there:

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