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Tony Hawk Represents the Skateboarding Community at Olympic Games 2021

tony hawk

For the first time, skateboarding will be officially included in the Olympic sports, and The Olympic Games 2021 will take place in Tokyo. On this occasion, to honor the sport’s global recognition, the campaign video, featuring Tony Hawk, was unveiled.

Tony Hawk is a voice of the skateboarding community, who is considered a global ambassador for sports development and sports evolution. His 40 years of experience of ups and downs, perfectly represents the skateboarding lifestyle with its struggles and resilience. And the Olympics’ latest campaign demonstrates how the recognition of skateboarding at the Games will take the sport’s players to the international level. For example, new opportunities for businesses will be accessible.

At the Games, skateboarding will be separated into two different categories: park and street. Park skating will include pipes similar to the traditional skate park, and the street, in turn, will have rails and stairs.

Tony Hawk shared that he is very happy that people can now understand what it takes to become a professional skateboarder. He added that not all know the struggles that skaters often undergo. He advises all beginners to find individuality and don’t just follow some cool tricks. Skateboarding honors diversity, and the unique ones have more chances to gain success in the career.

By this time, Tony Hawk, who manages the Skatepark Foundation, has helped fund over 1,000 skate parks, half of which have already been built and opened.

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