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Best Minimalist Watches – How to Choose the Best Classic Watches for Men

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How to Choose a Wristwatch for Men?

The choice of a prestigious accessory should not only come from your style.

When choosing a watch, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • mechanism
  • strap type
  • leather
  • functionality
  • glass type
  • and waterproof class

Now you have learned everything about slim watch brands, and you can choose exactly the ones that you like.

Stylish and fashionable men’s minimalist watches have long been an important part of the look.

It has long been not only a practical element but also a bright accessory that will tell better than words about the status of its owner.

To help you understand the range, we have compiled for you a rating of the best men’s watch models from well-known brands.

The selection of models for the rating was carried out taking into account the opinions of experts and expert reviews, as well as purchase statistics.

TOP 10 Best Minimalist Watch

minimalist watch


Watches from the Italian brand DIESEL, bought with a 20% discount along with a chronograph, are suitable for a purposeful man. The massive case is protected from moisture according to the 100WR standard, the bright orange dial with graduations is equipped with a calendar, chronograph, and stopwatch. Steel bracelet lightweight watches with a folding clasp will keep your watch from getting lost.


simple watch

Timex mechanical elegant men’s watches are suitable for young men leading an active lifestyle. The black dial with numbers and graduations has a calendar informing about the day of the week and the month. They work on a quartz movement, a leather strap with a smooth surface fits the wrist and does not chafe the skin.


best minimalist watches

At first glance, G-Shock watches look simple, but inside the reliable Japanese movement of the famous company Casio, because of this, they watch similar to Daniel Wellington. The aggressive design of the massive body will appeal to young people, and the restrained models will suit older men too. The watch case is protected from shocks and ingress of moisture and dust, and the dial is illuminated by an LED.

Thanks to Touch Solar technology, the simple watch G-Shock is powered by sunlight and has been in power-saving mode for 18 months. The hands of most of the brand’s models are covered with a light-accumulative coating, which helps to see the time at dusk. The metal body is suitable as an accessory for casual, classic, and sportswear.


classic watches for men

Practical men will appreciate the classic watches for men of the famous CITIZEN brand with a minimum set of functions. The sapphire crystal with the hardness of diamond will protect the case from damage and scratches, the titanium with a hypoallergenic coating will be comfortable to wear even on sensitive skin. Thanks to its minimalistic design, the combination of Arabic numerals, and blue background, the watch is ideal for a classic suit.

On the left-handed, the simplistic watches CITIZEN has a winding mechanism on the left, so that the watch can be worn comfortably on the right hand. Choose among the brand’s assortment of watches for every day, pilot’s, traditional, sports. For divers or swimmers, a watch with a rubber strap that won’t get wet or deteriorate from moisture.


elegant men’s watches

TISSOT is a fashionable and expensive watch that deserves high marks for design, quality of the case, bracelet, and accuracy. According to customer reviews in 2021, the strap fits the wrist and rests comfortably on the hand. The quality of a simple Swiss watch under the Tissot brand is in keeping with the tradition, reliability, and innovation established by the company many years ago.


minimalist automatic watch

Sleek men’s watches Casio is resistant to moisture and dust. The casing design protects the internal mechanism from the ingress of water or moisture. Depending on the purpose, the water resistance varies from 20 WR (tolerates handwashing, splashing, rain) to 200 WR (recreational diving).

If you’re looking for an alternative to the simple analog watch, check out the retro Casio models with an electronic dial. Thanks to the variety of designs and neat packaging, the watch will be a good gift for a modern man. The brand often arranges sales and promotions, buy high-quality original watches at a low price in the online store


sleek men’s watches

Popular Japanese brand Seiko sells minimalist watches for men all over the world. If you are diving, swimming, hiking, yachting, then appreciate the functionality of the watch. A steel bracelet with a folding mechanism eliminates the possibility of losing the accessory. Thanks to the luminescent hands, time is visible even in the dark.

The Seiko self-winding Minimalist watch has a massive design suitable for athletic men. The black dial with a built-in calendar is convenient for a quick reading of the time. The power reserve is 41 hours, the manual winding is possible. The case is made of steel, the textile bracelet is easily adjustable and fits into an everyday wardrobe. The tempered mineral glass will protect your watch from scratches.

Original Seiko flat watches are an expensive accessory, prices for which are affordable for both young people and respectable men. The combination of durability, precision, and experience makes a good Japanese watch brand one of the most sought-after brands. Collections of classic, sports, everyday watches are among the most famous in stores.


best minimalist watch

Buy the minimalist automatic watch Swiss Military Hanowa with a chronograph from the online store. This is an aviation watch that combines classic brand design and Swiss quality. The company produces movements to choose from mechanical, self-winding, and quartz. Most cases are equipped with a sapphire crystal, which is comparable in hardness to precious stones.

Sports best thin Swiss Military watches with quartz movement and sapphire crystal will become a brutal accessory for men. The ion-coated steel body contains a hypoallergenic component. The size of the bracelet is adjustable to fit your wrist. The watch is packed in a minimalistic black box and is perfect for a gift to your boss, husband, and father.

Swiss Military Hanowa on a leather strap looks good with a classic suit. The main dial has strokes, the sub-dial shows the 24-hour time format, minute divisions are located on the bezel. The watch has a built-in mechanical numeric calendar. The model is protected from moisture and water, swimming with a mask is allowed. The Swiss brand also manufactures illuminated men’s wristwatches and is ranked first in the ranking of the best in 2021.


best thin watches

Q&Q Q926J502Y – the best minimalist watches in a brass case. The strap is made of leather. PVD coating is used to protect the metal from moisture, increase resistance to wear, surface scratches, and prevent corrosion due to external factors. The design uses the Miyota mechanism, due to which the accuracy of the movement is ensured within ± 5 seconds per month. The model offers a round gray dial with a traditional shape with light accumulators on the hands.

Advantages of men’s watch Q926J502Y:

  • moisture protection standard – 5 ATM;
  • leather strap, comfortable to wear;
  • PVD coating for longer life and preservation of the appearance of the case.
  • Most users note that with an affordable price, reliability, and accuracy, this model from Q&Q can be considered one of the best budgets watches on the market today.

Royal London 40118-02:CLASSIC RELIABILITY

black minimalist watch

The popular budget black minimalist watch is presented by another English model. Royal London 40118-02 – quartz version. The device is waterproof and belongs to the WR50 class, which allows you to take a shower with them or walk in the rain. The watch is powered by a battery with a service life of 5 years or more. The watch has a traditional design: a round dial with black Arabic numerals on a white background.

To further increase the reliability of the minimalist automatic watch, the steel is coated with a thin layer of PVD coating. It involves the use of titanium nitride. The application provides increased resistance to the formation of scratches, chips, prolongs the life of the watch, even with intensive use (at work, during sports).

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