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Top 10 Video Games to Play This Summer

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The gaming industry does not stand still even in the summer, which is considered to be a period of calm. And because of the coronavirus, those games which should be released in spring reschedule to summer time.

But who knows, maybe it’s even better: what to do when it is unbearable heat outside and you aren’t allowed in most places to go.

And here are the top of cool games you should definitely try. And here we go!

Ghost of Tsushima

ghost of tsushima

Samurai action from Sucker Punch Productions will be the last major PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The game is about the attack of the Mongols on the island of Tsushima in 1274 – a really recorded historical event. Users will accept the role of Jin, who renounced the principles of valor and became a vengeful ghost.

He wants to destroy the aggressors and get to their leader, Khan. When passing the Ghost of Tsushima, players have to complete a bunch of tasks, explore the open world using curious ways to navigate the surrounding elements, get to know the characters and become participants in spectacular fights.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

marvel iron man vr

Sony and Camouflaj studio are going to release a new project on comics. This time, users will be asked to try on the Iron Man costume and run into the mysterious Ghost – a hacker who armed himself with old Stark Industries technologies and intended to speak out against corporations.

He wants to destroy the empire of Tony and already in the prologue attacks the headquarters of the company. Iron man has to fight with the villain, having passed various missions.

Most of them are dedicated to flying and fighting at altitude using all kinds of weapons and devices.

Destroy All Humans!

destroy humans

A full remake of the 2005 game. The developers from Black Forest Games completely changed the visual component in the project and modernized certain aspects.

The game has remained untouched, because even now it feels pretty attractive. Players take on the role of the evil alien Crypto-137 and must destroy people around the planet by collecting their DNA.

You can fly on a jetpack, use your spaceship, use a large arsenal of weapons, and even pretend to be a humanoid to undermine confidence in the US government.

Maid of Sker

Maid of Sker

Horror from Wales Interactive studio, which includes the creators of SOMA, The Bunker and Battlefield I. The plot of the game is based on the work of Elizabeth Williams, and all the action takes place in 1898 in a gloomy hotel away from civilization.

Here, users have to face a variety of horrors and learn about the sinister affairs of one family empire, which gained its wealth through the slave trade, torture and piracy.

The main gaming feature of Maid of Sker will be artificial intelligence that responds to sound. Users will have to close the mouth of the main character with their hands so as not to make noise and use a special device that can temporarily neutralize monsters.

Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered

Crytek, together with Saber Interactive, is preparing to re-release Crysis, a first person shooter that will be remembered largely due to the use of advanced technologies.

Not every PC of those times Crysis started even with minimal settings. Now the developers plan to make the shooter even more impressive visually and realize the advantages of the latest version of the CryEngine engine in it.

But the game will not change, users will run around the island, fight with various weapons, apply the skills of the protagonist’s nanosuit and ride vehicles.



According to the plot of the game, the user controls the Daughters – echoes of the soul of the greatest warrior of all time. With their help, you need to save the world from the embodiment of Suffering and its particles, that is, different kinds of monsters.

Battles in the game are built using the Dynamic Timeline system, the user sets up the chain of actions of his characters, taking into account the attacks that the enemy intends to make, and performs them by pressing a single key.

Other features of Othercide include pumping, the need to sacrifice units in preparation for battle, and great style with a mixture of red, black and white colors.

Rocket Arena

rocket arena

For the creation of this multiplayer shooter responsible Final Strike Games and Electronic Arts. Looking at the basic elements, Rocket Arena can be dubbed a mixture of Quake and Overwatch.

The main feature of the game are rocket jumps, with which you can fly high into the air, take advantageous positions and shoot opponents.

You can’t die in Rocket Arena matches – the user just flies out of the arena if his health drops to zero. By the way, there are many maps, they are small and support the high dynamics of battles.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

paper mario origami king

The Origami King will be a continuation of her and talk about the next rescue of Princess Peach.

This time the evil king Olli locked the girl in the origami world. Mario, as always, must save her, and at the same time the Mushroom Kingdom. The developers of the new Paper Mario decided to implement an original approach to puzzles.

In the paper world, the protagonist will be able to transform into a wide variety of objects to overcome obstacles. Thanks to this, users will see many unique levels and tasks on them.



Famous RPG masters from Obsidian Entertainment decided to test their strengths in another genre, survival simulators.

They are going to release Grounded, which will talk about the difficulties of the existence of tiny people in an ordinary garden. Users have to extract resources, create housing, equip living space, craft weapons and make sorties into the open world.

The last one is divided into three separate zones, each of which differs in certain features. At night, the project will strengthen the defense and protect the camp from raiders, ants, spiders and other animals.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding

It’s rare that the famous PlayStation 4 exclusives go to the PC. Creation Kojima Productions will appear on personal computers with support for NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 technology, photo mode and additional tasks as part of the crossover with Half-Life.

As for the game itself, in it users take the role of Sam Bridges and deliver goods to bunkers in the United States. After the apocalypse happened, people hid underground, and in order to unite a disparate society, the Bridges organization fulfills orders and connects fortified shelters to the chiral network.

The game of Death Stranding is composed of hiking through rough terrain with overcoming various obstacles using gadgets, battles and stealth.

Additional mechanics include the construction of objects that other players in their worlds can also use, the layout of goods and the need to care for a child in a capsule. It is better to learn about his role in the project yourself.

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