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Manly Cocktails to Order at a Bar – Basic Information about Each of the Masculine Cocktails

best mixed drinks for men

A real men’s holiday is not salads, wine, and fruits, it is, first of all, really fun, friendly conversation, and strong real manly cocktails. So which cocktails are considered truly masculine? Read in our article.

List of the Best Masculine Cocktails:


Old-Fashioned cocktail

This is one of the traditional old man cocktails, which does not lose its relevance. This cocktail is one of the oldest cocktails in the world. Its basis is whiskey, that is, the drink is more masculine.

100% Male Cocktail – Martini

The base of manly martini is vodka. Writer Ian Fleming’s recipe is not exactly wrong – it can be said to be a marketing ploy. By the way, Salvatore Calabrese, one of the most famous bartenders in the world and the head of the British Royal Bartenders Association, because of this, refused to star in the movie Casino Royale – so as not to cook the wrong version of Martini.

One of the Right Cocktails for Men- Whiskey Sour

If only because it contains “masculine” strong alcohol – whiskey. Recently, this cocktail has become very popular again. Especially its variety – New York Sour.

It differs in that in addition to the standard ingredients, whiskey, lemon, and sugar syrup, a drop of a port is added to it. This gives the drink a spicy flavor.

Sapphire’s Infinity Is One of the Best Mixed Drinks for Men

Sapphire’s Infinity mixed drink

In 2007, he became the winner of the international Bacardi-Martini Grand Prix competition.

Every self-respecting man should try this one of mens cocktails. Why? Firstly, the cocktail is champion, and the judges of that very competition were exclusively men. Secondly, it is really tasty.

El Presidente

This is one of the best drinks for men with a true Cuban revolutionary character. Strong rum – decisiveness. Sweet vermouth is soft. Orange liqueur is unique. In short, the ideal ingredients for a real man.

Scotch & Soda

This one of the best man drinks is perfect for those looking to improve their own drinking culture by extending the pleasure of their whiskey. It is also just perfect as a transitional element from pure alcohol to multi-part mixes.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins cocktail

Tom Collins is one of the good mixed drinks for guys. The cocktail of real gentlemen is just as direct, honest, and at the same time inspiring. We invite you to try the classic version of Tom Collins if it becomes interesting to know how these men’s cocktail tastes.

Сlassic Man Drinks:


Negroni drink

Negroni is usually served before meals, as it perfectly cleanses the taste buds. It is easy to prepare, the main thing is to maintain the ratio of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth.


This is arguably one of the oldest cocktails in the world. This one of the men mix drinks were invented back in 1830 in New Orleans. Since then, aged cognac has been replaced with bourbon, which has added masculinity to the drink. Well suited for a scented cigar and intimate conversation. In the composition of bourbon, absinthe, beater “Pisho”, ice.


Another cocktail, which, although served in a glass on a stem, but in terms of masculinity, can give 100 points ahead of any shot with absinthe.

This one of cocktails for guys has a long history. It appeared in the United States at the end of the 19th century. In the middle of the 20th century, it was noted as the second most popular in the world. According to the recipe, Canadian whiskey, red vermouth, and Angostura beater are mixed in a cocktail glass. The glass is garnished with lemon zest or cherries.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktail

Not only is Bloody Mary a favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s cocktail, but also one of the most masculine ways to meet an impending hangover in all guns.

Long Island

This is a fairly strong cocktail, contains about 28 degrees. It is included in top drinks for men because men love this cocktail very much. Contains vodka, gin, white rum, tequila, orange liqueur, sugar syrup, cola, and a little lemon.


According to legend, the cocktail got its name in honor of the Boeing Stratofortress bomber. For cooking, you need coffee, cream, and orange liqueurs in equal parts. Drinks are poured in layers, and then the top layer needs to be set on fire. The combination of cold and hot liquor makes the cocktail unique.

Rob Roy

Rob Roy cocktail

It is on the list of sophisticated drinks for guys. Rob Roy Cocktail – aromatic and strong (32%), evening and relaxing apéritif. Its complex, bitter composition combines the herbaceous sweetness of vermouths and the smoky peaty personality of scotch tape. To a large extent, this duo sets off the dash of a rich, pacifying bitter.

Gin and Tonic

It is one of the popular bar drinks for guys. This is an interesting and pretty masculine cocktail. The classic recipe for gin and tonic is 50 ml of gin and 150 ml of dry tonic, to which lime is added. During the cooking process, it changes its color from dark blue to light purple. This is Thai Gin Tonic, a gin flavored with kaffir lime and lemongrass-infused with Thai blue tea and mixed with dry tonic.


According to the version of the origin, the screwdriver got its name from American petroleum engineers working in Iraq, who mixed vodka with juice using a screwdriver tool.

Original Daiquiri

Original Daiquiri cocktail

This cocktail is a famous and one of the bar drinks for guys that is quite often consumed by men. Original Daiquiri: white rum is added to the cocktail, fresh lime juice and one and a half tablespoons of caster sugar are added. Stirred, shaken in a shaker, served in an ice glass.

Mint Julep is one of the top man alcoholic drinks for thrill-seekers.

In this cocktail, the spicy taste of bourbon (American corn whiskey) is ideally combined with the rich aroma of mint, and the sharpness and high strength of the mixture are perfectly smoothed out by the sugar syrup. Mint Julep is easy to make at home, but the taste of the drink will be appreciated only by experienced connoisseurs of bar culture who are tired of the classics.

Rusty Nail

Despite the strength of 40 degrees, “Rusty Nail” is very easy to drink, honey liqueur perfectly softens the taste. The drink is prepared in 1-2 minutes.

The ratio of 2: 1 is considered classic (two parts of whiskey to one part of liqueur), but in many bars, the ingredients are mixed in equal parts. It is advisable to use Scotch whiskey, not Irish, American (bourbon), or Canadian.

Martini Dry

Martini Dry is one of the popular mixed drinks for guys and classic men’s cocktails. Dry Martini was first introduced to the public at the turn of the 20th century. According to one version, it happened in the bar of the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York: the bartender Martini di Armadi Taggia combined gin and Noilly Prat in equal proportions and added a drop of orange bitter. According to another theory, Dry Martini’s “father” was from San Francisco and his name was Jerry Thomas. He mixed a cocktail for a gold digger on his way to find his fortune in the city of Martinez.

Top Cocktails for Men:

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

This one good liquor drink for guys was invented in the 30s and 40s at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. The original recipe included blackcurrant liqueur and lime juice. The cocktail got its name (English sunrise – “sunrise”) for its appearance. Cosmopolitan is one of the *** best tasting mixed drinks for guys – many men love it for the fact that the cocktail contains vodka.


Male cocktail is one of the drinks every man should know.

This cocktail shoots straight. The cocktail looks like the popular B-52, which means that the showiness is guaranteed. For t-55, 20 ml of vodka, 20 ml of coffee liqueur, and 20 Irish cream liqueur are taken. It turns out a real masculine cocktail. You have to try it!


According to one version, this cocktail was created as part of an advertising campaign for Absolut Citron vodka with lemon flavor. According to the second author of the cocktail is a bartender from Florida Cheryl Cook, and improved and “replicated” is already in the recipe we are used to by Toby Cizzini from Manhattan.


Sidecar cocktail

Sidecar is a classic sour (citrus juice cocktail based on strong alcohol) with a well-balanced taste. Translated from English, the word “Sidecar” is a motorcycle sidecar for transporting passengers. Sounds strange, but this is one of the best manly cocktails to order at a bar.

Green Vesper

Green Vesper is one of the good cocktails for men.

This cocktail can be attributed to the most brutal. It is spicy and aromatic. The taste of vodka in it is set off by notes of wormwood and juniper. To make it, you need absinthe, vodka, and gin, as well as lime and ice.

Noon Death

Despite the eerie name, the cocktail is great. It was not for nothing that Ernest Hemingway loved him so much. The cocktail was invented in France – and this is not surprising: it contains champagne.

Choose the cocktail that you like the most and order it in the bar or even cook at yourself!

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