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Which Kinds of Sport Suit for Real Men?

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Almost every physical activity and sports in moderation are extremely beneficial for health and quality of life. And it’s rather difficult to determine which sport is better for a man to do. It’s all individually, of course. But, anyway, no matter what kind of sport man chooses it is always good for not only physical health but also mental. Let’s check the most popular kinds of sport.


Box is one the ancient martial arts. Sometimes it’s hard to dispute the practicality and versatility of boxing, but the main thing that attracts men in this sport is that the basic elements of strikes and blocks can be mastered very quickly. Of course, boxing is a very tough sport, but despite all toughness and aggression, everyone can master boxing skills, regardless of physical training. Even nerds can reach certain results in this sport in a short time.


Football is the most popular kind of sport, but popularity is more passive, not many who play it but there are millions of fans in football. If to say about adrenaline in the spectators’ stands or in front of TV, a certain training, then football can be attributed to one of the most masculine kinds of sport.


Hockey is the most traumatic sport. It combines speed, agility, extreme and strength. No wonder there is saying “ A coward doesn’t play hockey”. Hokey is not for wimps, but for proper men.


Golf is a game for smart and intelligent men. At first, it might seem that golf is a rather passive sport but it’s not so simple. Golf is like chess with moderate physical activity. For special men with extraordinary mental abilities who must not forget 19 holes , at the same time , conduct small talk combined with complex calculations.

Auto Racing

Auto racing for fans of speed and technology. For most men, this is an ideal combination to strain their brains in searching for new tuning for the “iron horse”, and demonstrate courage and dexterity during the races. And, of course, adrenaline is.

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