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Top Strips Club in the World

Strip clubs are considered as clubs for gentlemen. Everybody knows what happens there: usually women, but sometimes men, undress, dance near the pole, rotating to the rhythmic or slow sexual music, and tipsy clients present the dancers with banknotes, which are shoved into their thongs. We offer an overview of the best strip clubs in the world.

A visit to such strip clubs costs a lot: from a hundred dollars to many thousands, especially VIP services, but by midnight the atmosphere is so tight that it does not matter how much it costs. Today some clubs are equipped with notable rooms, where outstanding service is provided, and you may feel like a sultan or an English lord. Let’s find out where are the best strip clubs in the world.

World’s Largest Strip Club

Penthouse Club – New Orleans, Louisiana

best strip clubs in the world

The “Penthouse Club” was recognized as the best club in New Orleans. The club’s restaurant is especially famous for its strip sushi show, where dishes are served on a bare body. Those who are afraid of unsanitary can even control how a girl plays with soap bubbles in a large bowl with water – ‘Wet and Wild’.

The Lodge – Dallas, Texas

worlds largest strip club

That strip club is traditionally Texas, with high ceilings, wooden lining, and stuffed animals on the walls with appropriate furniture and atmosphere. All the girls in the club with lush hair, beautiful smiles, and figures. They dance in front of clients, walk around the club in cat costumes, perform acrobatic elements in front of guests when they eat and drink. In six scenes of the club, they demonstrate a fire show, juggle different items, and dance with live snakes.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – New York City

top strip clubs in the world

The club is hardly distinguished by its refinement. This sexy, slutty place with luxurious leather furniture and gilded trim. Worlds biggest strip club was opened by the owner of the pornographic magazine “Hustler Magazine” Flint and quickly became a successful business. The pass is free, but the credit card is in distress, thanks to the dancers, drinks, and food. By paying more, you can relax in the bar or in a private room with exclusive services.

Chippendale – Las Vegas, Nevada

best lap dance in the world

Club “Chippendale” is a club for women. Women come here to see young men with their perfect bodies dancing strip and singing. You can relax in the luxurious ladies’ rooms, there are soft sofas and everything that a woman needs.

Playhouse – Warsaw, Poland

worlds biggest strip club

This is really a classic club. It is located in a three-floor building, where a fancy but warm atmosphere prevails. All main strip shows unfold around four main bars, where you can order champagne or a cocktail. Strippers dance in the minimum underwear.

Crazy Horse – Paris, France

largest gentlemen's club in the world

The club “Crazy Horse” in Paris is called “avant-garde” and is considered strange, quirky, and funny. Dance numbers under specially invented lighting, the rhythm is set by French choreographers. It is very popular among Asian businessmen and works on the traditions of the cabaret. The performances cost 200 dollars.

2001 Odyssey – Tampa, Florida

where are the best strip clubs in the world

This club is not a luxury facility, but all caught inside is captured by a whirlwind of dancing blondes, brunettes, and redheaded beauties, who fully undress to the shimmering lights and rhythmic music. For 25$ you can order a private strip and get the best lap dance in the world. The club is small and always crowded. You can admire the new girls on the page of the club on Facebook.

Mary’s Club – Portland, Oregon

marys club

In the city of Portland is a large number of strip clubs because it is a port city. The most famous is “Mary’s Club founded in 1954. This is not a luxury club, rather just a tavern, but the atmosphere is cozy and real. This club is a historical landmark of its kind, where the daughter of the founder, Roy Keller, once worked, serving customers in the bar, and his granddaughter danced on stage. It is a real family business. Blond strippers on stage put on whole shows, talk to the audience, joke, dance to the accompaniment of a jukebox, where coins are flipped. This club is purely American, in the best sense of the word.

4Play – Los Angeles, California


Blondes with silicone breasts, so-called weekend actresses, strip, and you get club “4Play”. Alcohol is forbidden in the strip club, so you will have to take strippers on your lap, on the sofa, or on a VIP order bed. The club website has information for beginners. In this club, besides the rich customers, you can see celebrities. This is the biggest gentlemen’s club in the world in the literal sense.

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