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Jobs That Will Be Gone in 10 Years

what jobs will disappear by 2030

Information technology is not standing, so we can not imagine life without gadgets, which made our life much unchallenging. But behind the instant movement of progress towards new technologies, many professions are becoming things that are obsolete. So, what jobs will disappear by 2030?

Let’s Take a Look at Things around 100 Years Ago That Not Exist Anymore

Lantern Operator

These people had to light the lanterns as soon as it was dark outside.


In the past, the man who ran the carriage of horses. Previously, as we know, people moved only on horses. In nowadays, there are drivers instead of a caravan.


These specialists solved the most composite mathematical examples on the abacus.


The majority of the population worked in factories and plants where people had hours of monotonous work. The authorities decided to entertain the team during breaks between work. How exactly? They invited a reader who read out loud newspapers, books, and poems!

Things from the Past 20 Years That Are No Longer Relevant

products that should exist

Let’s remember those professions, which disappeared 10-20 years ago. Now we can do everything that these professionals were doing on our own with the help of technology.

Knife Sharpener

Where will you meet such a specialist now? Now stores sell knives made of steel, and there are convenient devices to sharpen a knife at home.

Telephonist, Telegrapher

This profession has not existed for a long time. We can quietly call anywhere and anyone on the smartphone without a long connection to the subscriber.


Remember how people used to sit on the streets or right in the store and clean your shoes? Now they were replaced by shoe-cleaning machines, which you can find in elite business centers.

Can We Predict in Advance What Things Will Disappear in Our Lifetime?

Conditionally! You don’t have to be a human resources specialist to predict where the modern world is going and jobs that will disappear.

We do not claim that these jobs will disappear 100%. But it is noticeable how they are losing their relevance, and these professionals are less necessary on job search websites.

List of the Jobs That May Disappear

jobs that will dissappear

Letter Carrier

Today we do not write letters to each other as we used to, but communicate with each other via e-mail or messenger. It is a profession that is at the top of the list of doomed to extinction.

Travel Agent

We can easily book a tour to another country by ourselves. Of course, elderly people may have difficulties with this, so travel agents are still afloat. To survive in this profession, travel agents should specialize in narrow types of recreation, such as extreme tourism or gastronomic, and, of course, to study geography as much as possible to impress the knowledge of any tourist.

Librarian, Archivist, Documentologist

E-books and electronic databases contribute to the extinction of the profession. Of course, there are massive libraries that can not work without such specialists, but the popularity is declining. A modern librarian must quickly and well work with online sources, easily be able to find the right information in the flow, and own a database of useful sites.


Human resources specialists predict that computer programs will be able to write requirement articles instead of people.

Call Center Operator

Now, instead of communicating with a specialist by phone, companies offer to interact with customers automatically through an answering machine. Because of this, the number of employees at the Call Center is decreasing.


Instead of the lessons in the classroom, many people choose online courses that they can take from home. Not surprisingly, the lecturer profession is also a thing that is obsolete.


And here, a technician came to help a person. It is easy to replace tickets at ticket offices and at the cinema with special scanners that read information from tickets. It is convenient, practical, and saves on staff salaries.


It is not surprising that special computer programs for voice recognition will decipher texts and messages instead of transcripts soon.

Public Transport Driver

We have already got used to unmanned cars, and in the UAE, even a subway car drives by itself, without a driver! Everything goes to the point that a few years will pass and in all major cities will have unmanned buses, which are much safer than busses with a real driver.


Drones have become our great helpers and even able to deliver parcels to their destination. And unmanned cars will bring the goods to the entrance. What are the couriers for? Soon we will be able to do without them.


Already met at McDonald’s machines instead of a cashier? With the touchscreen, you choose your order, pay with your card, and then go to get it. Replacing cashiers with machines has significantly reduced the cost of staff salaries. Soon, all supermarkets will also start using such automatic cash registers, which will allow you to avoid queuing at cash desks.


There is a sizeable list of things that are obsolete. Why have they ceased to exist? It is simple. Technical progress. There appeared a lot of different techniques which do the work for a person. And now those professions, which used to be usual, are becoming a thing of the past. But how can it be different if life is inexorably moving forward?

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