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Different Types of Men’s Hats: What Are the Hats, and Who Should Wear Them?

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Trendy hats for men are one of the main accessories with which men can demonstrate their individuality, emphasize dignity or indicate social status. It is this potential that makes many men buy a headdress that they can wear and show all their charm and brutality. We decided to make you a small men’s hats style guide to show what is in fashion and worn by men all over the world. We’ll also add a few tips to help you decide what type you should wear and what to avoid.

Types of Men’s Hats

There are many types of hats, but we have selected the most common, those male hat styles that appeared a very long time ago and since then, if they have changed, then only slightly and haven’t lost their popularity since then.

The Panama

popular mens hats

This type originated from the classic straw hat. As a rule, such popular hats for guys are made in light colors from light breathable material. Perfect for hot weather and would look good with a light-colored suit or shorts with a tank top.

The Fedora

popular hats for guys

The most common men’s hat. The shape of the crown may vary slightly depending on the imagination of the designer. Most often, such hats are sewn from felt, and it is very soft and pliable. Looks great with cotton shirts and straight trousers and light sports jackets.

The Trilby

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Such a hat is very similar to the well-known fedora, with only one exception: it has a shorter edge, slightly bent up. Traditionally, it was made from rabbit hair, but over time the trilby became popular, and other materials began to be used to create it. Looks best with cotton shirts and chinos, as well as cotton suits and suede shoes.

The Pork Pie

different types of men’s hats

This is a model with a cylinder-shaped crown and a flat top. Its distinguishing features are a small height and a special depression in the upper part. If you prefer the British style, the pork pie is a perfect choice. It goes well with fitted jackets and trousers made of light fabric, light-colored chinos, and shirts decorated with decorative elements. And if you can combine all this, then it would be difficult to look away from you!

The Newsboy

trendy hats for guys

Such popular men’s hats have a rounded shape with a small hard-edge protruding forward. Most often made from tweed, sometimes from wool and cotton. The lining is usually silk. Favorite headdress of British immigrants. Caps can be worn with jeans and polo shirts, as well as casual coats. Still, they would be relevant for the cooler season, and if you want to wear them in the summer, then choose a thin unlined fabric.

The Homburg

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Ideal if you like a formal dress code. This is a stricter version of the fedora: the shape is the same, but with a stiffer brim, and no side fedora. The right choice of a businessman. It goes well with classic suits and coats. This is one of the most unusual styles of men’s hats, which is more suitable for fashionable events, themed parties, or business styles.

The Boater

mens hats style guide

This is a summer hat made of stiff straw, which is distinguished not only by the golden color but also by the flat crown. Boaters used to be seen on the head of every second man: this is the perfect everyday headwear for hot weather. Now, most often such fashionable hats for men are worn in Venice and are becoming more and more popular from other parts of Europe and America. We advise you to combine it with summer suits made of light fabric, jeans, T-shirts, and everything that fits into the casual style.

The Octagonal Cap or Gatsby

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The well-known newsboy hat, but differs in a more complete form: the name itself speaks of the presence of eight corners. A characteristic feature is a small button on top. You can wear it with jeans and denim shirts, skinny pants, or dress up in Peaky Blinders style.

The Baseball Cap

styles of men's hats

This is a well-known soft hat of two elements: a round crown and a hard visor in the front. Baseball caps are often adorned with the logos of sports teams, food companies, film studios, and others, so of course, they are held in high esteem by fans. Unlike other different men’s hat styles, a baseball cap can be worn with just about anything, from casual wear to a tracksuit.

The Cap

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A baseball cap-like hat with a flat top and a hard, rounded peak. One of the favorite hats of the military. Most often, caps are sewn from nylon and cotton. It’s rRecommended to wearing them with regular trousers and T-shirts.

How to Choose the Best Hat for Men according to the Shape of Your Face?

At the moment, top men’s hats don’t have strict criteria, however, the texture, contours, and style of the accessory can visually increase what is already in abundance, or reduce what should be increased. Therefore, the main task is to choose a headdress for a man to look harmonious and natural, and also to emphasize all the advantages.

Hats for a round face should have an asymmetrical shape or free edges. Tight-fitting styles visually increase the volume of the cheeks and “remove” the chin. Therefore, it is better not to wear caps and baseball caps. The best option is warm panamas, a voluminous octagonal cap, or a newsboy.

The square shape of the face with a strong-willed chin looks great framed by classic men’s caps, caps, or panama in military style. To create a softer look, you can use the same helmet or Scandinavian hats.

Choosing trendy hats for guys with a triangular face shape is quite simple. Choose models with a wide crown: octagonal cap, panama, and porkpie.

Owners of an oval face can purchase any styles and models, but you should make sure that the headdress doesn’t “stretch” the oval. So don’t wear too high hats, because they visually stretch your face. Take, for example, fedora or trilby.

Don’t be afraid to try something new for yourself that you have never worn before or haven’t considered at all as an option for your accessory. Perhaps, having tried on a new style, you would no longer want to change it, or even be able to change the style of clothing, if only to wear a hat more. Experiment more often and you would get a taste! We think we were able to expand your knowledge a little about different types of men’s hats, and for sure some of them sunk into your soul, or even wanted to buy some? Do it! Just before that, study your face shape, and only then start from which type of hats for guys, you need to try on and buy. We are sure that this would become your favorite accessory for a special style or outfit.

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