Tyson Fury Has Knocked Out Dillian Whyte in the 6th Round of WBC Championship Fight

tyson fury knocked out dillian whyte

On April 24, British boxer Tyson Fury knocked out his colleague Dillian Whyte and defended the WBC heavyweight championship belt. The battle was held at the famous Wembley Stadium in London.

White settled the center of the ring from the very beginning, but it was hard for him to hit his opponent. And Fury efficiently dealt with the opponent from a distance.

The sixth round became the last one when Fury successfully knocked out Dillian Whyte, who could no longer continue the fight. White got up, and the referee stopped the war because Dillian lost his balance.

At the very end, Fury brought Ngannou into the ring. Two men teased an epic heavyweight fight. Alexander Usyk is expected to become Fury’s next opponent, and the man will fight with him for the title of absolute world heavyweight champion. The Gypsy King has 32 wins in 33 fights, 27 of which the 33-year-old athlete won by knockout.

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