Really Bad Men’s Haircuts: What Should You Never Ask to Do in a Barbershop?

bad men haircuts

Women judge men not only by what is in their heads but also by what is on them. That is why almost all men try to avoid the worst men’s haircuts. But what do they look like, and what should be remembered in order not to fall into such a trap? Today we decided to show you these ugly haircuts for guys, which are the opposite of any fashion, and also give you some tips so that you would never see this in your reflection.

List of the Worst Haircuts for Guys

Let’s just start with the most interesting. Here are the top bad men’s haircuts that you shouldn’t do for at least the next few years (or never do).

Combed for Baldness

ugly haircuts for guys

Amanda Shackleton, the stylist for Javier Bardem and Pierce Brosnan, said: “Who are you fooling when a lock of hair falls in your ear? This is the worst male haircut I can imagine. Cut your hair and windy days would stop scaring you!”. It is better to leave the natural baldness alone or to grow additional hair.

Man Ponytail

bad men's haircuts

Amy Komorowski, celebrity male stylist and hair care expert for the Ax Hair line: “Usually this hairstyle is worn by guys who have very little hair. But even if it’s not, I’ll always say no to ponytails!”. If you have long and sparse hair, then it is better to change your hairstyle or wear a low ponytail/bun.

Iroquois Haircut

bad hairstyles for guys

Jovan Vitaliano, stylist at La Voilà Beauty, Emmy hair and makeup winner: “It always looks over the top and doesn’t suit most men”. Yes, before these bad hairstyles for guys were fashionable and preferred by most representatives of punk and goth cultures. But still, now it ceases to be relevant because this is too unusual a haircut.

Sailor Haircut

ugly men’s haircuts

Liz Finkelstein, Consultant Stylist for Mile High Style: “Keep that haircut for the Navy”. This haircut was especially popular, and even many men continue to wear it. But still, it isn’t always a good option, especially if the skull isn’t ideally shaped. So if your skull isn’t quite even, then it is better to do another haircut with longer hair.

Under the Pot

worst men’s hairstyles

Fashion blogger Kim Turner says: “This haircut suggests that the guy is too stingy to go to a professional and cuts his hair with a bowl on his head. If he isn’t ready to spend 1000 rubles on a haircut, where would he take the girl on a date? Probably McDonald’s”. These types of ugly hairstyles for guys are only suitable for filming comedies, but it is unlikely that it would look cool on a serious man, right?

Frosted Tips

bad male haircuts

Lena Sutherland, host of CNN’s While the Men Watch: “The bleached spikes protruding from the top of your head scream that you have nowhere to put your time! Plus, no woman wants to imagine a guy sitting in a salon in a cape and with foil on his hair”. By the way, there is another variation of this hairstyle, when they still make curls. This is unlikely to make you courageous and serious in appearance. If, on the contrary, you want to return to your youth, when it (maybe) was popular, then it is better to change your style in clothes than in your hair.

Shoe Shiner

really bad men’s haircuts

Kim Turner: This guy still can’t get over the hair loss, so he paints his bald head with some kind of shoe polish. Any woman would be afraid to go on a date with him because this thing could leak at any moment! He should make dates only in winter, there is no chance in summer”. And now, in some hairstyles, styling products are used, and the same gels, including, but not in such a large amount. It is better to use fixatives only to give direction to the hair, and nothing more.

Too Sloppy Haircut

worst haircuts for guys

Nisonja McGary, stylist for Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise: “We hate uncombed hair. It always looks careless and sloppy. Ugh!”. We believe that such a hairstyle would only be appropriate after you have woken up or been lying in bed all day. Now it would be very strange to appear with such a hairstyle in a business suit or at work.

Retro Bieber Haircut

worst male haircut

Lena Sutherland: “Any version of old-school Bieber slicked forward looks old-fashioned. Women aren’t turned on by lush hair that covers the forehead, not to mention how it looks when its owner sweats”. If you know you’re going to be sweating, and you’re going to have this hairstyle, be prepared for wet bangs. Also, you’ll have to avoid any gusts of wind as the whole hair would blow away (if you’re spraying the whole can of hairspray, then no).

Patterned Haircut

ugly hairstyles for guys

Lena Sutherland: “Please don’t adorn yourself with shaved lines or patterns! Even if your team made the playoffs, women don’t want to see their logo on the back of your head. This also applies to your eyebrows and beard, including”. This is at least a very long time, and you would often have to cut your haircut. By the way, it would be difficult to find a specialist who would do this for you. But will he agree to this at all?

How to Avoid Ugly Men’s Haircuts?

If you don’t want to get caught up in the worst men’s hairstyles on your head, here are some tips that would save you in advance:

  1. Look for a barber who does a good job. If you are sure that this is a true professional in his field, then you can go to him. You shouldn’t spare money, because then you would also regret your haircut.
  2. Always watch what you are doing now. This isn’t such a big nuance, but thanks to this, you can always stop the master in time. If you suddenly don’t like something, and/or notice something strange, then always remain facing the mirror.
  3. Don’t play the “hairstyle of your choice” game. A barber may do what he thinks is a good option for you, but alas, this isn’t always a good option for the client. So it’s better to take the time and choose a few or one hairstyle that suits you, and then ask the master to do this.
  4. Argue less with friends. Yes, many “friends” may wish you to do some bad male haircuts. In a state of intoxication, you probably won’t hesitate to do this. So don’t argue, and especially don’t do it while drunk.
  5. If you still got the worst male haircut, then you shouldn’t be very upset. Ask for help from another barber who would fix the whole situation. And if your haircut is too short for changes, and at the same time you don’t want to be bald, then you have to wait. Or hair extensions…

Well, now you will remember what really bad men’s haircuts look like. Yes, some may not consider some of the more classic options, but still, in real-time, they are no longer so relevant. Also, if you want to change your hairstyle, we recommend asking a good barber what hairstyle suits you best and trying it out. The main thing is that she also doesn’t belong to the list of bad haircuts for guys. And if everything turns out to be done beautifully, then for sure you can feel the positive reaction of the people with whom you intersect.

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