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Uneven Abs: Read the Best Information to Be Well-Informed in This Topic

Have you ever thought that you have uneven abs? Do you know about different ab muscles? Read this article for a better understanding of it!

You rocked the abs and muscles next to abs for a long time and were on a diet, but when the cubes appeared from under the fat layer, it turned out that they did not look at all like ideal abs: there are only four cubes, not six, they are staggered or at an angle. We will find out why the abs are not always even and symmetrical and whether this affects muscle strength.

If your cubes don’t look like a fitness model, take it easy first – that’s okay. In fact, if you attend bodybuilding competitions, you will notice that a lot of guys and girls have uneven abs.

What causes uneven abs?

ab types

Genetic factor

Hereditary muscle composition (attachment point, shape) is almost impossible to change. Also, the tendons that attach muscles to bones or to each other play a large role in the appearance of the abs. If you have longer tendons, then there will be more breaks between the muscles, if shorter ones, there will be fewer breaks. Due to this, you will not be able to eliminate the curve press, although you can slightly adjust it.

The curvature of the spine

Most people have one shoulder and one side of the spine higher than the other. In this situation, the upper and lower back is lengthened more, so one shoulder is higher, which can lengthen and stretch the corresponding side of the abdominal wall.

Load Asymmetry

Athletes who have played sports games where the load is placed on one side of the body, such as baseball, tennis, and golf, can redefine the appearance of one side of their abs. Even if your abs are genetically symmetrical, muscle imbalances can cause your cubes to develop unevenly.

How to make muscle men’s abs more symmetrical?

abs type

Despite the fact that the form of the press is given genetically. For goals, you need to work with each side of your abs individually. The main focus should be on anti-rotation exercises. You also need movements that stretch your abdominal muscles

The best exercises for all ab muscles for symmetrical abs:

  • Plank on one arm.
  • Side plank.
  • Side plank with twists.
  • One-way traction in a crossover.
  • Reverse crunches.
  • Hanging leg raises.

Make sure that during these exercises, your shoulders are pulled down and tilted back, the latissimus dorsi is activated and contracted. If this does not happen, then one or both sides may become overly elongated, which disrupts the positioning of your abs, giving it an asymmetrical appearance. You also need to relieve stiffness and muscle spasms. Releasing this tension can help make your abs a little more symmetrical, especially if visually some cubes seem to bulge more than others.

Is it possible to somehow fix asymmetrical abs types? Maybe there are special exercises?

No amount of exercise will help you change the genetically determined structure of muscles and tendons. But there is nothing wrong with that. Many bodybuilders and athletes around the world have such an abdominal structure, and this does not prevent them from doing what they love, looking great, and winning competitions.

So, it’s time to make a conclusion. How to fix a crooked press?

  • If the arrangement of your ab types is like a chessboard, then it’s just a matter of genetics and there really is nothing you can do about it.
  • If your abs look uneven, it could be because of the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen. Focus on lowering your overall body fat percentage to correct this. If it is an actual abdominal muscle imbalance problem, the recommended exercises are given above.
  • If your abs are stronger on one side and weaker on the other, try to distribute the load evenly. You can also do unilateral exercises.

The basis of any sports figure is the worked-out muscles of the core, and specifically the press. And most often, those who are engaged in fitness strive just for the cherished 6 cubes. However, if you look closely at those who were able to dry out to the point where the cubes become species, you will notice that the ab types are different for everyone.

Types of abs:

abs types

Classic, even abs

The most correct, so to speak, press. The tendons are arranged in such a way that six cubes are formed in a straight line. This press is most often found on the covers of magazines.


The tendon ripples and creates a picture like a flag. Well, or the Windows logo. The tendon runs slightly diagonally. Quite a rare species that is considered to be very beautiful. Well, here’s the taste and color.

Double wave

The press lines diverge in a wave as in the previous version, but as if reflected from each other. An even rarer species than a simple wave. Such type of abs looks very impressive and clearly attracts attention.


Cubes, starting from the top, go unevenly, one side is always higher.

Many people think that this curvature is related to posture, but these are still the same tendons. A fairly common abs type, most people have just such a tendon addition. Visually, it seems that there are more cubes.

10 cubes

A rare structure of tendons that form 10 abs cubes. There are only a few dozen people in the world with this type of abs. It looks a little creepy in my opinion. Nevertheless, this is direct proof that even 8 cubes is not the limit.

Here are the main exercises for all ab muscles:

type of abs
  • Twisting. You need to lie on the floor, bend your knees, press your feet to the floor and fold your arms behind your head (if it’s difficult, you can leave your hands along your body). After that, as it were, “twist” forward, tearing off only the shoulder blades from the floor. Wrong: to rise with the whole body;
  • Leg lift (reverse crunches). It is performed lying on your back, hands along the body, palms down. Raise your legs slightly bent at the knees (your knees will be at chest level), lifting your hips off the floor, then slowly lower them. Wrong: to raise only legs without lifting the pelvis;
  • Bicycle – suitable for all types of abs. Pose – lying on your back, legs extended, arms behind the head or along the body. Raise your head and shoulders, move your shoulder blades. Raise your slightly bent legs (the pelvis also comes off the floor) and perform circular movements, similar to riding a bicycle. Wrong: not to raise your head and shoulders and lift your legs too high;
  • Fold. Lie on your back, arms outstretched behind your head, legs together. Connect the body and legs at the same time, trying to touch your toes with your straight arms. Wrong: bending your knees.

Finally, a few important rules for different ab muscles to do it better:

  • basis – fat burning. You need to create a calorie deficit, in other words, consume less than you spend. Regular cardio workouts (running, walking, cycling) and dieting are essential;
  • you can not download only the press. It is necessary to develop all muscles at the same time and evenly. If you have strong abdominal muscles but weak back muscles, this is also not good. You should not avoid complex workouts in the gym;
  • it is important not only the number of repetitions but also the duration of the load on the press – 10 slow twists are more effective than 20 at a fast pace.
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