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In the US the Regulator Will Check Tesla Cars for Safety During the Game Process

US Security Authority Checks Tesla

The American Security Authority in the US will check more than 580 thousand Tesla cars that were released after 2017. The regulator`s doubts were caused by The Game For Passengers that in their opinion will distract the driver thereby increasing the risk of an accident. Earlier this function was accessible only in the resting state of a car. And on December 20 everything changed.

The research will affect the function, frequency, and scenarios for using it in electric vehicles. Tesla`s update proposes three games to play. The first one is solitaire, the second one is a jet fighter simulator and the last one is strategy. Also, the race simulator is available too.

Every car will show you the warning that the playing is only open for the passengers while driving. But the driver can choose the variant that is a fare. That is the main complexity. All the searching was forced by the complaint of the man who named it negligence.

In November a lot of models of Mercedes-Benz were debited from the account due to the infotainment systems that distract the driver. Tesla hasn’t reacted to the research yet.

And what is your attitude to the game’s policy inside the car? Share your impressions in the comments!

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