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Useless Technologies Nowadays

technology become old

The rapid development of technology makes the things that were considered a progressive novelty yesterday, obsolete today. We do not have time to get used to gadgets, as they are already replaced by newer, more convenient, powerful ones. Among the abundance of new and cutting-edge technologies, there is no place anymore for the most useless inventions.

And if earlier many devices were required to perform various tasks, today the smartphone has replaced almost everything. And the capabilities of a modern computer are simply amazing. And some of them have become useless technology in the modern world.

Let’s check what is the most useless invention for today

List of the Most Useless Inventions Nowadays

useless inventions

Landline Phone

Many organizations still have these phones for business or intercom needs. But most people make calls exclusively on their mobiles, so the days of landlines are practically over. Including telephone booths. Some can even think that it was the most pointless invention in the world.

Previously, when mobile communications were not common, people who needed to call on the street could do so using a public phone. But today they are used very rarely. This is for sure nowadays unnecessary gadgets.

Phone Book

useless stuff

In every telephone booth, one could find a directory – a thick book containing the phone numbers of all organizations and residents of the city. They also kept such a book at home, so that, if necessary, they quickly found the desired number.

Telephone directories are rarely used these days, as most people find it easier to find important information on the World Wide Web.

Pocket Computers

Pocket computers were the prototypes of modern smartphones. They contained many of the functions of conventional computers. For example, a text editor or Internet access. The only thing was that it was impossible to call on a pocket computer.

Such a handy little gadget was very popular for some time, but then it was replaced by a mobile one with many functions, but unfortunately, now it’s a useless gadget.

Polaroid Camera

worthless inventions

Various cameras that instantly print the captured frames are still popular today, mainly among young people. But Polaroid, which has existed since the 1960s, has already filed for bankruptcy twice. This is due to the great competition in the market.

And some people do not even think of buying a separate gadget to take pictures when smartphones are equipped with excellent cameras, and you can print a photo literally on every corner. And although Polaroid were the pioneers, today their cameras are no longer in demand.

But for some it’s not such a useless invention, some even still take photos, vintage style.


Every phone has this invention. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a separate device for computing only for schoolchildren.

In many educational institutions, it is forbidden to take a smartphone for the math exam, but a regular calculator is allowed. This trend leads to the fact that this device will soon be completely out of use and will be one of the unnecessary products.

Pocket Music Player

In the eighties of the last century, the advent of the portable music player was a real breakthrough. Music lovers all over the planet were delighted with the opportunity to listen to their favorite music on cassettes in devices like the Sony Walkman. Then cassettes became a thing of the past, they were replaced by discs.

Later, after the invention of the miniature memory card, it became possible to load music into very small MP3 players that easily fit into any pocket. Today, using a separate music player is no longer necessary as it can be downloaded directly to your phone.

DVD Player

the most useless inventions

It seemed that recently we only watched movies on DVDs. Everyone had a standard player at home, and some lucky ones had a portable player that they could take with them on trips and out into the countryside.

The latter was not widespread, as they were expensive with short battery life. Nowadays, discs are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and many people watch movies through streaming services, even on a smartphone. And if you need to move files, use a USB flash drive or cloud storage for this. Now it has become unnecessary technology.


What is the most useless product these days? Another separate device that is completely replaced by the corresponding function of a modern mobile phone is the GPS navigation system.

In many cars, it still stands, but more and more progressive car owners are abandoning an autonomous navigator in favor of a smartphone that can handle route calculations just as well with navigation apps. Also, it is possible to use several types of cards simultaneously.


The iconic Nintendo Entertainment System has long been a favorite pastime for both children and adults. At one time, it became the world’s best-selling console but now it’s become a bit of unnecessary technology.

Many popular games have been released for Nintendo, including Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, and others.

The release of the console continued until 1995 when the more innovative PS and Xbox took its place. But the fan’s nostalgia for Nintendo was so intense that a couple of years ago, the company decided to release a miniature version of the Nintendo Entertainment System adapted for modern games.

Vinyl Record

useless technologies nowadays

Music on records began to be recorded back in the nineteenth century and continued actively until the appearance of the first cassettes. Therefore, they can be safely called the most durable of all the listed technologies.

Even now, with many other recording devices out there, there are still plenty of vinyl connoisseurs. And although vinyl records are purchased mainly by collectors, there is no need to talk about their disappearance shortly.

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