Volodymyr Zelensky Autographed a Baseball, the Sale Will Help Ukraine

volodymyr zelensky baseball autograph

The President of Ukraine has left his mark on America’s pastime, he signed a baseball that will be put up for auction and the part of the received money will go to help the country. The man wrote his last name on the ball in two different languages. Volodymyr Zelensky left his signature right below the Major League Baseball logo.

The man signed the ball back in September 2019, during a visit to New York. The baseball is put up for sale at RR Auction, it is expected to be sold for at least $15,000.

At the current moment, the ball is in the collection of Randy L. Kaplan, a government affairs specialist in New York. He has been collecting signed Major League baseballs from different world leaders and heads of state since 1996.

The auction house announced that the item is in a very good condition. Kaplan will donate money from the sale to a Ukrainian relief fund.

The auction will last till May 11. There are already 13 bids on the baseball.

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