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Watch Size Guide

How to Measure Wrist for a Watch

Imagine, you have found the ideal model – you like the color, excellent design, quality is not in doubt, the price is right, and then you put the watch on your wrist, and you understand – something is wrong. Does it look familiar? This sensation of imbalance, disharmony. The human eye is arranged in such a way that we can notice if something is in imbalance.

What should you know to choose the right watch sizes? We will take the choice of clothes as an example. You understand the size of your body, you know what size pants or t-shirts fit you, and your search for clothes narrows down to the right size. We will explain how this principle works with a watch and what you should consider in men`s watch sizes.

Proportions and Dimensions of the Wrist

All people intuitively strive for visual balance. Relying on the right proportions is instinct, whether it’s balancing icons on a laptop desktop or building a house.

Usually, everyone is limited by the rule: the smaller your wrist, the less watch size you need, and conversely, if you have a larger wrist, you need a bigger watch size.

Let’s take this rule apart into components to understand whether it is less or more – how many mm and by what parameter?

And so, what is important to consider when determining watch measurements:

Dial Diameter

what size watch should i wear

This parameter takes first place in the watch size chart. Men’s watches usually range in size from 38 to 46 mm. Anything over 46 mm looks deliberately large and is usually designed for themed suits or extravagant outfits. Anything less than 38mm is equivalent to jewelry or is already a lightweight woman’s model.

To find out the size of the dial that suits you, measure your wrist with a centimeter ribbon. 15-16.5 centimeters – you have a small or medium size. The diameter of the dial for you should be in the range of 38-42 mm. If your wrist has a length of 17 to 19 centimeters, which is considered a large size, the proportional diameter of the dial will be 44-46 mm.

Hull height

The height of the dial directly depends on the diameter of the case. Previously, when mechanical watches were monopolists, the slim case was considered an indicator of quality, craftsmanship. Now, with the advent of automatic and quartz models, this rule is leveled off. However, the general recommendation is that as the case diameter increases or decreases, the height changes proportionally. For diameters of 38-42 mm, the standard height is about 6-7 mm. Models with large diameters have a hull height of approx. 9 mm. For you, the most suitable case height is that of a watch with the correct dial diameter.

Strap Width

mens watch size guide

As standard, the strap size is 1/2 of the dial diameter. If your watch has a diameter of 42mm, the ideal strap for such a model should be 21mm. This rule ensures that the proportions are as close to the ideal as possible. If you have chosen a watch that fits all your parameters, but the size of the strap does not match half the diameter of the dial, evaluate visually how critical it is for you. It is possible that a few millimeters more or less will not be so noticeable.

Strap Material for Watch

You may have been surprised to see the strap material from the watch in the size determination criteria. In fact, the material is important for visual perception. Thus, leather groups will always give your watch a thinner look. A metal strap, even if it is the same size as a leather strap, will always seem larger and more massive because of the material. This is important to consider if you have a small wrist. The metal strap is suitable for men with larger wrists. If you have a small wrist and you want a metal band, pay attention to the watch where the band is 2.5 and 3 times smaller than the dial diameter.

Along with visual perception, the key sign of the watch size for men is that it is comfortable and convenient. The watch should be free enough and not leave any marks on your skin, and at the same time, sit tightly so that it does not fall off your wrist. We hope our men’s watch size guide has helped you choose the dream watch.

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