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What Does Every Woman Want in the Bed? Sex Guide!

Good lovers are not born – they become. You do not need to study the Kama Sutra and other sex manuals. To satisfy a loved one in bed, it is enough to understand the women’s desires and expectations. You can experience the highest degree of pleasure from knowing that your woman gets an orgasm from your actions. If you are still missing this moment, it is time to love all these things girls like during sex and raise your intimate life to a new level.

Scientists Confirm That Success in Sex Does Not Depend on the Size of the Sex Organ and the Frequency of Proximity

women want in the bedroom

For good sex, neither the size of the sex organ nor the frequency and regularity of intimate relationships matter. Much more important is psychological contact and feelings from the process.

The large-scale research of 15 521 men of different nationalities showed that the average length of the male penis is 9.16 centimeters in a quiet state and 13.12 centimeters at erection. Dimensions worry more men than the opposite sex. In 2006, a survey of 52 thousand people found that 85% of women were satisfied with the size of the genitals of their partners. But among men, only 55% were satisfied with their own parameters.

An equally important question is the frequency of proximity. Analysis of data of global sex poll in the USA showed that only 6,5% of 50 thousand people have intimate relations 4 times per week and more. Other respondents answered that they have sex from 1-3 times a week to 1-2 times a month or less.

Canadian scientists interviewed 30 thousand more Americans about the necessary regularity of sex. It turned out that frequent sex is not a priority for regular partners, and they consider that once a week is quite sufficient. But the majority of the interrogated noted the need for close emotional connection.

Sex Starts in the Head. What Woman Needs in Bed?

Dates, compliments, joint walks, gifts, surprises – all this will tell the woman that she was not mistaken in choosing a partner. During the courtships, a woman’s desire is formed. According to a study by scientists at Indiana University, romantic behavior before sex is important for most survey participants, both women, and men.

If sex for a girl is ‘sports sex’ or ‘resort romance’, then she thinks more about the quality of the process. In modern society, women are more likely to dominate the relationship, and this must be reckoned with.

But the candy and bouquet period is significant for girls who want to establish long relationships. Romantic relationships allow them not only to be sure of the reliability of their partner but also provide stronger attachment.

Things to Do to a Woman in Bed

things girls like in bed

Men often forget about prelude. And it is foreplay that makes sexual intimacy as pleasant as possible.

The prelude includes three stages:

  • Conversations. Women love with their ears – this is absolutely true.
  • Caress – mutual touches, kisses, hugs, caressing whispers on the ear. Finnish scientists have studied the map of erogenous zones of man and found that almost all parts of the body respond to the touch of a partner.
  • Even more caressing. By this stage, a woman may be ready for intimacy, but it is worth a little patience to extend the pleasure and make the final more vivid.

Foreplay is what women want in bed the most. Even in Kama Sutra said: “Prelude is not only touching and kissing, but also words and intimate atmosphere, where every exhalation is aimed at achieving pleasure. Prelude plays an important role, and a woman must reach orgasm first.

At the same time, it should be understood that foreplay can be both slow and fast. For partners who know and trust each other, fast sex in the dressing room stall can be as bright as a long love game in a luxurious room under the crackle of a fire in the fireplace.

A Long Sex Marathon Is No Guarantee of Succes

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It is believed that long-term sex is the thing that women want in bed, but it is not always the case. Studies of American scientists have found that the average time of sexual intercourse is 12 minutes. But the ideal duration is 19 minutes.

You do not need to try to comply with the norm. It is enough just to know how to love a woman in bed and watch her reaction. And, of course, do not hesitate to talk. It is better to inquire about each other’s desires.

In sex, the best thing is diversity. A long sex marathon can be exhausting, but it leads to higher degrees of pleasure, taking the consciousness of partners beyond the perception of reality. At the same time, fast sex, especially in non-standard places associated with extreme and danger, can give a powerful release of hormones: adrenaline, dopamine, endorphin, etc.

After we have figured out what things women like during sex, we should definitely understand how to behave after the process because this is half of the success.

How to Behave After?

Most men fall asleep after intimacy. Women react differently – they are overwhelmed with emotions, they want to share their love, tenderness, and personal feelings. It’s about the difference between male and female reactions to biochemical changes in the body during sex.

No matter how much a man wants to sleep, it is desirable to have at least a little talk with your partner after sex. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you are lucky to be with her. It is ideal if the conversations are accompanied by hugs and kisses.

Try to change the vector of your thinking so that your goal in bed is the maximum satisfaction of women. Remember that an adequate man will not behave offensively towards his chosen one but will be an elegant gentleman.

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