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Should You Bring Flowers to a First Date? What Are Better Flowers for a New Woman?

he brought me flowers on our first date

Girls just dream that he brought her flowers on their first date because this is a beautiful gesture on the part of a man and also an indicator of a certain sympathy. But some men get very lost when choosing the perfect bouquet for a new darling. What flowers for the first date should you choose? Today in the article we will discuss the most basic details of this and help you make the right and universal choice.

Should You Bring Flowers to a First Date?

Someone thinks that you shouldn’t come without flowers for a first date, someone is afraid not to guess with a bouquet, and someone doesn’t count on long-term communication and relationships. A bouquet is probably the best way to express sympathy for a girl you like. It is worth giving flowers on the first date if some factors persist:

  • You sure that the girl loves when she is presented with flowers;
  • You try to make sure that she likes it as much as possible;
  • You go on a date where you would mostly sit (cafe or restaurant);
  • You want to give a nice compliment with flowers.

This is the best option when you can please the girl. But this doesn’t mean at all that you cannot give flowers on other schedules of your date. Just think in advance if you can carry a bouquet all evening if you walk or do something unusual? And only on this basis, you can start thinking about buying first date flowers. If you have a desire to give your girl flowers on the first date, don’t hold back this impulse for fear of making the wrong choice. Care and attention would be the best gift for her.

Many men make a big mistake when they try to find out what flowers a girl likes in correspondence or on the phone. This opaque hint puts the lady in an awkward position. And if a man suddenly doesn’t have time for flowers for a date and comes to a meeting empty-handed, he would immediately lose several points in her eyes. After all, why then ask if you don’t give anything?

What Kind of Flowers for the First Date?

On the first date, a man doesn’t yet know the tastes of his chosen ones, so a mixture of a variety of colors would be ideal. No individual plant must stand out. Let it be a general composition, with an abundance of small details. You also need to choose neutral colors: beige, pale pink, light purple, light yellow, etc. In such a mixture there would be no dominant shade.

Another important condition is the absence of a pungent odor. Ideally, the flowers should smell just fresh, so as not to cause discomfort to the girl if she doesn’t like something in the scent. Flowers in a waffle cone or box are the best flowers for the first date ー a small composition that doesn’t oblige you to anything and doesn’t force you to spend a lot.

The flower shops offer a huge variety of flower arrangements. These can be mono-bouquets made of flowers of the same variety, or compositions with different flowers, complemented by decor. Let’s consider what are the best flowers for the first date:


best flowers for first date

This is a classic first-date flower that additionally offers a wealth of choice. To express your tender feelings, choose flowers of powdery shades: pink, cream, white. Red flowers would help to emphasize passion and active interest.


Pink or white tulips with tightly closed buds are a good option for a first date. These flowers symbolize gentle, chaste love.


flowers on first date

These flowers symbolize lightness, positivity, and innocent romance in a relationship. Present such flowers to light, cheerful girls who appreciate small, pleasant surprises.


Even though with the arrival of spring lilacs magnificently decorate the streets of cities, men rarely present such bouquets to girls. Therefore, lilacs on a first date can be a real surprise. The main thing is to make sure that the girl isn’t allergic to her smell.


first date flowers

The orchid is considered a rare, exotic flower. Since its inception, it has been widely used for religious ceremonies and holidays; statues of idols were often decorated with orchids. Therefore, in everyday life, the presentation of orchids would emphasize your exceptional attitude.

When choosing the best flowers for a date, pay attention to decorative elements. If a girl adheres to a healthy lifestyle, loves everything natural, present her with a bouquet wrapped in craft paper. For lovers of luxury and glitter, a bouquet with ribbons in the bright paper is suitable. If the girl loves sweets, present her with a box in which the flower buds would be complemented by sweets or macaroons.

Furthermore, if the date will take place in a cafe or restaurant, a bouquet of long-stemmed roses, which the establishment will offer to put in a vase, would be a good choice. Or, pick flowers in a basket or hatbox that are already set in a dampened floral sponge.

In addition, you should rely on the character traits of the girl. If she is an active person, prefers a classic style of dress, opts for a bouquet of red roses. For gentle girls with a calm, soft character, white or pink roses, chamomile or powdery tulips would be a good choice. If your chosen one prefers non-standard solutions, likes to stand out from the crowd, then the flowers should be appropriate ー blue or rainbow roses, exotic orchids. We have shared with you the most important information that will always be relevant if you often go on new dates and not only. Now sort out for yourself “should I get flowers for a first date?”, After which you would already determine for sure whether it needs to be done. As we have already said, we still recommend giving even a small bouquet to a woman if you like her very much. We are sure that she would be delighted with such a surprise!

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