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Difference between a Supercar, a Hypercar, and a Megacar: The Complete Guide for You

what is a supercar

When hearing such words like “supercar” or “hypercar”the question arises: how do they differ from ordinary sports cars, and is there any difference at all? What classifies a supercar? Our team found answers to these questions, and at the same time found out which cars are the fastest among them.

So, the widest class among those mentioned are sports cars. Expensive sports cars are called supercars. And the rarest, most powerful, and fastest cars are distinguished into a separate class. Let’s talk about each segment in order.

Cars are accelerating more and more. A hundred years ago, fast cars were called speedsters. Then there were sports cars, supercars, and supercar comparisons. They were followed by hypercars and megacars. What is behind the sonorous terms? Marketing gimmick? Or are there real differences between these cars?

The first cars developed speeds from 3 to 15 km / h, and when cars started reaching 60 km / h, the public became worried. “Outrageous” speeds, they said, would adversely affect the health of the driver and passengers. From the flickering landscape outside the window, vision would be impaired. And shaking would damage the internal organs. And just moving at an unnatural speed is dangerous by the very fact of its existence…

But there were people who were not scared and turned speed into a profession. The designers created special cars for them – speedsters. The speedster is designed to be used to set world speed records. Speedsters competed in absentia, which means they did not meet on the track. Only a driver and a judge with a stopwatch were present. The fastest speedster was the Duesenberg Model SJ Mormon Meteor Speedster. In 1940, it accelerated to 260 km / h.

In addition to speed, the speedsters competed in endurance. The Mormon Meteor drove flawlessly for 48 hours at a speed of 240 km / h. By the way, the speed and endurance record lasted 50 years and was broken in 1990.

But the speedster was not an everyday car. It was used for engineers experimenting with new automotive technologies, while everyday household models existed in their own world. And these worlds did not intersect. The two worlds remained separate from each other until ordinary motorists decided they also did not want to drive. a special class of the non-professional high-speed car was invented for them – the sports car. As engine power increased, sports cars evolved into supercars.

Each subsequent horsepower in the power of the car costs more and more. Car speed has become synonymous with high cost, luxury, and elitism. Therefore, the next generation of high-speed cars received a hypercar definition.

What Is a Sports Car?

In each era, there were different concepts about the sports performance of cars. Once upon a time, a sports car was defined as a car capable of accelerating to 80 km / h. But in the second half of the 20th century, when the term “sports car” itself appeared, this class included cars with a maximum mark on the speedometer – 300 km / h.

There is a fundamental difference between sports cars and sports racing cars. The sports car has options for everyday needs. For example, passenger seat, trunk, etc. In addition, manufacturers specifically design sports cars to make the car safer at the expense of speed. In other words, a sports car is an everyday car that has speed characteristics that exceed the average daily needs.

The difference between sports cars and supercars includes cars that reach speeds in the range of 250-300 km / h

It would seem like there is nothing easier than recognizing a sports car when you see it. However, no clear class criteria have yet been identified. Traditionally, sports cars cost more than 30 thousand dollars and have a low suspension, and a powerful engine. Initially, sports cars were called two-door coupes and roadsters, similar to the modern Porche 911, Ford Shelby GT500, Audi TT. Many people are still interested in sports cars vs supercars, how they show themselves on the road, etc.

some crossovers are also considered sports cars. For example: the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Range Rover Sport, and Lamborghini Urus. Almost all sports cars are easily recognizable by their rounded, streamlined bodywork. Most of them have large wheels with sports tires.

What Is a Supercar?

sports car vs supercar

A supercar is a sports car for the rich. Supercar definition this car differs from its predecessor in more expensive interior trim, expensive speaker system, and more expensive technical performance. A supercar can accelerate faster than a sports car, even if it has the same engine power. As a matter of fact, the supercar is made of modern composite materials, and has less weight,.which allows it to gain more acceleration. However, manufacturers do not hesitate to arm supercars with very, very, very powerful engines, and this in turn is what defines a supercar.

  • For better handling, the supercar is equipped with more “mature” brakes.
  • Due to these factors – a powerful engine, expensive finishes, exclusive construction materials, expensive tuning – the cost of a supercar will rise to several hundred thousand US dollars or euros.
  • It is believed that a car from the so-called club 300 can be called a supercar. These are cars that are capable of speeds in the range of 300-350 km / h

Supercars are usually produced in small series by large companies that deal only with this segment. For example, Ferrari, Lamborgini, and Maserati. Many sports cars are assembled by hand. Among these cars is named after the creator of the company, Ferrari Enzo. The craftsmen install modern ceramic brakes and a hydrogen engine in the car.

Supercar vs hypercar sales is never massive. The Ferrari 458 Italia supercar was advertised by Jeremy Clarkson himself on Top Gear in 2010. However, the company sold only 1,200 models in five years. But this is also a very good result, considering that the car cost 230 thousand dollars.

Now that you’ve learned what are supercars, we are ready to discuss the next vehicle class.

What Is a Hypercar?

what is a hypercar

Hypercars are cars that have engine power of 1000 hp or more.

Such a power unit requires the appropriate technical equipment of the vehicle. Therefore, hypercars are assembled from exclusive technical components.

Hypercars are small run cars. They are assembled not on a conveyor belt, but manually in small batches, or in single copies – according to individual orders. And now you know the difference between supercar and hypercar.

For example, the most massive model of the hypercar “Koenigsegg Agera R” is produced at a rate of three copies per year.

  • Accordingly, the price of such cars starts at $1 million.
  • And the high-speed capabilities of hypercars extend beyond 350 km / h

Hypercars are the coolest of supercars. The first hypercar appeared in 1993: it was the McLaren F1.

Because of its outstanding driving characteristics, the McLaren F1 came to be called a hypercar, and so a new class appeared. The characteristics that hypercars have, we have given above.

After the release of McLaren F1, other hypercars began to appear: Koenigsegg CC, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborgini Reventon. All of them are worth exorbitant amounts – at least a million dollars. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita costs almost $5 million.

The fuel consumption of these cars is no less frightening than the prices. Bugatti Veyron consumes 20 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers during normal driving . In the city, consumption increases to 40 liters. But this is not the most amazing thing – when the car accelerates to maximum speed, its consumption soars to an astronomical 100 liters per 100 km. At this speed, the rubber wears out in less than an hour.


supercar vs hypercar

The classification of sports cars does not end with hypercars. The Swedish company Koenigsegg unveiled a sports car with a 1,600 horsepower engine in 2014 and announced that it has created a new class of cars – megacars. Of course, this is an unofficial name, but the prefix “mega” is quite suitable for the Kanegsig cars.

The fastest car turned out to be just a megacar from “Kanegsig” Agera RS. The car develops a breathtaking speed of 456 km / h. From zero to hundreds, it accelerates in some 2 and a half seconds. The engine power of this lightning is 1160 horses.
And now you know what is a supercar vs hypercar vs megacar, what each class of sports car is, and you can tell the difference between a hypercar and a sports car.

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