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The Best Gas Grills to Buy: Read Our Article Right Now to Know Everything About It

how to buy a gas grill

Do you want to buy a gas grill? But don’t know what’s the best grill to buy?

Gas grills are a fast-growing segment of the barbecue grill market in our country. A strong tradition of cooking on the grill, on the one hand, promotes growth, and on the other hand, somewhat inhibits it. The reason is simple: many believe that there is nothing more perfect for cooking on a fire than a charcoal grill, and they consider buying a gas grill a waste of money. In the West, the advantages of this type of grill have long been understood, their convenience, versatility, ease of use, and, most importantly, how they are changing the concept of outdoor recreation.

The process of choosing the best gas grill for your application may seem daunting at first. There are too many options and different parameters to consider. What is the optimal number of burners for a grill? What material should the grilles be made of? Why do you need an infrared burner? What guarantee should a grill have? Etc. Our article will help you!

What Kind of Grill Do We Need and Where Will We Use It? How to Buy a Grill? Why Do We Need It? What to Use It For?

We have a choice. We can use the gas grill in a stationary position as an outdoor kitchen, complement the grill area with a built-in model of a gas grill, place it at home as a balcony option, or use a portable gas grill for outdoor trips or camping.

Stationary models of gas grills differ from portable ones primarily in their overall dimensions and functionality. In such grills, a large frying surface, a built-in burner in the side table is possible, an electric rotisserie. Portable and balcony versions of grills are lightweight, they are not equipped with a side burner and an electric rotisserie.

As a rule, a portable grill comes with small legs, with the option to purchase a folding table. In portable grills, you can use both a large gas cylinder and tourist disposable cylinders.

As a result, the gas grill is the best gas grill to buy and can be used both at home, inside an apartment, or in a country house. Portable models of gas grills for the kitchen find their consumers among those who like to relax at the weekend in the country. A portable or stationary gas grill will immediately replace the outdated charcoal grill, and will also replace most appliances and household appliances in the kitchen.

How to Buy a Gas Grill?

Choosing a gas grill for a summer residence. Most often, people buy portable gas grills or small portable models for summer cottages – the latter is the best gas grill to buy and especially popular with small families or those who rarely have a barbecue, from time to time. The choice of gas grills is huge today – each manufacturer offers dozens of models with different designs and functionality.

What Is the Best Gas Grill to Buy?

how to buy a grill

How to Choose the Best Gas Grill for Your Country House? To-Do This, You Need to Answer a Few Questions.

What are we going to cook?

The surface of the frying panel can be smooth or corrugated. The first one is optimal for hamburgers, fish, and vegetables, the second one is optimal for fatty meats. There are models with two types of frying surfaces.

How many burners do you need? This is an important question if you don’t know what grill to buy.

The more burners, the greater the grill performance. In addition, the multi-burner grill allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, and guests do not have to wait too long for a side dish. But if you only need a grill to grill steaks or sausages a couple of times over the summer, choose the model with the number of burners from one to three.

Are you looking for additional features?

The simplest grills will help you fry, stew, or bake. With the help of additional accessories, you can expand the functionality of your grill: smoke, grill, and bake.

By the way

The grill grate not only leaves a characteristic pattern on meat and vegetables. The quality of the food largely depends on the quality of the grill. Cooks believe that food bakes better on grates with wide, dense rods than on grates with thin round rods.

What Else to Look for When You Will Choose the Best Gas Grills to Buy?

the best gas grills to buy


It is very easy to check it – try to push the grill slightly. The best bbq grill to buy should not stagger, wobble or rattle. Also make sure that the grill lid opens smoothly and effortlessly, but does not fall off from the slightest impact.


They should be made of steel, porcelain-coated cast iron, or stainless steel, but cast-iron grates are the most popular.


It is advisable to clean the porcelain-coated grates after they have completely cooled down. Porcelain is a relatively fragile material and can be easily damaged while hot.


It is important that the wheels on which the grill frame is installed are smooth and secure.

What Is the Best BBQ Grill to Buy and What Additional Features Can Your Home Gas Barbecue Have?

If you decide to buy a grill for a home where there are children or the elderly, it is imperative that your new outfit is as safe and reliable as possible. For this, in some models, a wheel lock, a flame extinguishing function, and an auto-ignition is provided.

Also, for comfort with frequent use, the equipment is important: cutting surfaces, cabinets, all kinds of stands, and hooks for storing accessories and tools.

The best bbq grills to buy can roast, stew and bake. Existing accessories allow you to expand the capabilities of your grill. For example, you can use the ceramic pizza wheel to bake pizzas, bread, and cakes. A grill spit will become an indispensable assistant in the preparation of a whole animal carcass (rabbit, turkey, chicken, and even a small pig).

Speaking of tools. Always buy tools for your grill from specialized stores. An obligatory item is the purchase of a grill cover. This seemingly simple accessory is able to protect the equipment from corrosion and dust, which means – to extend the service life and preserve the original appearance.

How to Buy a BBQ Grill? Gas Grill Manufacturers Overview

what grill to buy

Broil King (Canada)

Broil King has been producing premium quality grills that are impeccably comfortable, safe and reliable since 1986, from miniature country models to restaurant options. All of them are multifunctional and very convenient. A distinctive feature of these grills is a multitude of innovative technologies. Dual-Tube burners distribute heat evenly, the Sure-Lite ignition system ignites the burner even in inclement weather, and the Flav-R-Wave system captures and evaporates droplets of juice and grease, protecting the burners from contamination and giving food a special flavor and juiciness. Broil King is the only company that offers a 10-year warranty on their burners.

Napoleon (Canada)

The products of this family company, founded in 1976, are distinguished by high technology, reliability, laconic modern design, and versatility. The line includes small grills for home use and giants that are used in restaurant kitchens. Napoleon grills are equipped with additional ceramic burners SIZZLE ZONE, allowing temperatures up to 800 ° C.

BeefEater (Australia)

Australians know a lot about barbecues and good grills. BeefEater is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers and has won the Australian Design Award for Ergonomic Design.

But they are famous not only for their beauty and convenience – the company is constantly introducing new technological solutions. BeefEater grills offer a safe way of heating: gas burners heat metal plates and there is no open flame. They are economical and very durable.

Landmann (Germany)

One of the European leaders in the production of barbecue products. The company was founded in 1948, and already in the 1960s, it gained worldwide fame. Landmann grills are characterized by a laconic classic design.

Weber (USA)

Once upon a time, it was Weber who created the round grill common today. The founder of the company, George Stephen, is said to have been inspired by the shape of the sea buoy. Today the range of the company includes not only coal but also gas grills. They are convenient and multifunctional: they can be fried, smoked, and baked on.

Weber offers both small, simple models (Weber Q series) and grills with three to six burners, cutting tables, additional side burners for preparing side dishes or sauces, electric spitters (Genesis, Summit series).

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