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What should you have in your men’s skincare set?

men's skincare set

A man starts to age rapidly after 30. Pimples are replaced by dryness and tightness. The first folds appear under the eyes and around the lips. If you do not change care at this moment, the first irreversible age changes will occur in the next 3-5 years. You should build your own men’s skincare kit, which will provide you with beautiful skin for many years.

It always happens all of a sudden, somewhere around 35: one morning not that fresh, rested, the promising guy with rapid career growth and optimism in his eyes looks at you from the mirror, but a mature, tired man of uncertain age with deep folds around his lips and dark swelling under his eyes.

The older we get, the more time we value. Youth and health that we do not take care of at 20 after 30 begins to be associated with success, strength, high status. Whatever the moment you start caring for your skin, you’ll be ahead of those who still haven’t thought about it. You need just 5 minutes a day, the best men’s skincare kit, and only four simple steps after 30 to stay strong, imposing, healthy.

Step 1: Purification without aggression

best men's skin care kit

You should add in your men’s face care kit the washing-up liquid and use it at least once a day, in the evening. If the skin is oily, you should use it twice: in the morning and the evening.

  • In the morning, in order to remove excess fat accumulated overnight.
  • In the evening – to cleanse the skin from city pollution.

If you ignore washing, fat and dirt will accumulate, clogging pores, causing black spots and pimples, giving your face a painful grayish tint.

Which washing-up liquid you should add to your best men’s face care kit?

Choose only delicate non-alcoholic products: soap or wash gel. The product should clean the pores well. Men’s pores are usually deeper than women’s, and combination and oily skin products are more suitable for us. Don’t try to use products that are high in alcohol, as this will only dry out the skin, speed up its aging process, and cause pimples.

Step 2: Toning

men's skin care kit

Not only your muscles and brain need a tone, but also your skin. Toning, as well as washing, should be introduced as a habit from a young age. It’s not pampering, but a necessity: the tonic removes the remnants of washing-up liquid and hard tap water from your skin, restores the acid-alkaline balance, and removes the feeling of dryness and tightness of your skin. Up to 30 tonics can replace day or night care products: moisturizing tonics will help to moisturize dry skin, and Sebo regulating tonics to calm acne and inflammation. Choose alcohol-free products with moisturizing components such as aloe, vitamins A, and C.

Step 3: Protection, Moisturizing, Power supply

men's body care gift sets

After 30 years, there is a noticeable decrease in the secretion of sebum, a natural moisturizer, and skin protection agent, and frequent shaving leads to thinner and more sensitive skin.

Another feature of men’s skin is that it doesn’t age the same way as women’s skin. Female skin gradually loses its elasticity and is covered with a mesh of fine lines. Men’s skin is denser and firmer, wrinkles appear a little later, but they are deeper and more visible.

Step 4: additional care: peeling

best skin care system for men

Even though this step is called “additional”, it does not mean that it is not obligatory at all. It is just not a daily step.

Peeling or face scrubs are used as follows: for oily skin – twice a week, for dry skin – once a week.

Scheme of application: apply to the skin, wait a minute or two, massage, rinse.

After reading this, you may feel that skincare is essential, and you’ll be right. It is important because appearance is key to how people perceive you. There’s no need to take critical actions, just buy yourself a few products or hint to your friends and family that you want a body care gift set that can close a few of your needs.

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