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What To Wear With Checkered Pants Men’s Ideas? Make Yourself Stylish!

Many men are faced with the problem of what matches with plaid pants because they consider this pattern quite difficult to combine. But in fact, everything is simple here, the main thing is to choose the right one. Today in the article we will share the secrets about how to wear plaid pants, what styles and materials are, and also give some advice when choosing your ideal patterned pants outfit.

What Are the Style of Plaid Pants?

Men’s fashion plaid pants are popular with males, regardless of the person’s age. Young fashionistas and stylish adult lovers of beautiful clothes prefer different styles of pants with such a pattern. However, the plaid pants aesthetic is pretty tricky. A mistake in the composition of the bows or the combination of colors can add a couple of pounds or even a few years to the figure. If you don’t fully understand how to style plaid pants, you can create excellent modern images, emphasizing individuality and style. With what to wear men trousers in a cage and the most interesting models, we will consider in more detail.


Classic pants

Suitable for a business meeting or office. They are usually subtle, practical colors. Often this is a mix of blue with a black, white, and gray checkered pants outfit for men. Brown tones are somewhat less common. These trousers can be worn with formal shirts, blazers, and jackets.


Narrowed pants

A plaid skinny pants outfit is one of the styles most beloved by men. At the same time, the models are very diverse: tight-fitting skinny pants, breeches, or brutal army pants. Slender young people can safely wear tight-fitting models in a small cage. If a man is thin and wants to add volume, let’s say a larger print.

The advantage of the cage is that, when selected correctly, it hides imperfections and improves proportions. But if you have a little excess weight, you should avoid large prints and bright colors. A narrow lapel on the trousers is considered a fashionable accent. This is appropriate not only for classic models but also for cropped trousers that are slightly tapered to the bottom. 

Which Material Should You Choose?

The optimal material for sewing plaid trousers is wool. This fabric remains in demand for decades and doesn’t lose top positions in the ratings, especially in the cool season. Most often, classic, suit trousers are sewn from it. Pure wool pants aren’t only suitable for office or business meetings. If you are thinking about how to wear casual plaid men’s pants, then you can put together a whole set, which would turn out to be a rather interesting option for an important event or for work. But, in addition to wool, there are other fabric options for men’s trousers:

  • Gabardine is a fabric with a high density of weaving in a small rib, but at the same time retaining its softness.
  • Jersey knitwear. The canvas is pleasant to the touch and has an original texture. Usually, the synthetic thread is added to it.

You can choose between these three options based on your preference, season, and practicality. But you can have trousers of all three materials because you would certainly need them for different occasions.

Popular Types of Checkered Pants Outfit

The geometric pattern to which the cell belongs is considered to be a classic. Fashion designers work with it as a base, building on its basis a wide variety of prints with thin and wide stripes, monophonic and colored. Classic trousers usually feature a crisp check print, thin lines in a traditional or diagonal arrangement. If you want to know what to wear with plaid pants in order to stand out from the crowd, fashion designers are advised to combine drawings of different types:

Vichy ─ a wide white stripe intertwined with a colored one;

Tartan pants

Tartan ─ a bright background combined with thin multicolored lines;

Ginem pants

Ginem ─ a cage of crossed vertical and horizontal stripes;

Checkerboard pants

Checkerboard ─ contrasting squares in uniform alternation with each other.

What To Wear With Checked Men’s Trousers

For walks or at home, you can stay on dark gray cargo with large patch pockets. Pajama-style pants, which are usually complemented with suede or sports shoes, are also suitable for these purposes. Casual lovers would like tan plaid pants outfits. They slightly resemble retro models. Such trousers are complemented with a vest to match, in beige and brown colors on a textured fabric.

What To Wear With Checked Men’s Trousers?

Next, we will show the most popular combinations that will be in fashion for the next few years, for sure. Black pants can be paired with almost anything. But here, pay attention to the colors of the stripes. You can choose tops and shoes according to these colors. Beige, dark blue, white or red ─ always choose them when choosing a sweater or shirt.

How to wear gray plaid men’s pants

How to wear gray plaid men’s pants? Here, it is desirable to have a coat with the same color and stripes. If it isn’t there, then instead of it, you can pick a black or dark blue jacket or vest. With a white shirt, it would look harmonious.

plaid jogger's outfit

A plaid jogger’s outfit can be a little more complicated because the style of the trousers is unusual. Here it is better to choose additional monochromatic elements of clothing with a classic texture. If you go out for a walk or meeting with friends, hoodies, bombers or T-shirts without a pattern would look cool with them. This would make the whole combination look more subdued.

Tips for Choosing Plaid Pants Outfits

Another great idea is plaid pants with white sneakers. If you want to bring your outfit into a casual or work style, this is the best option. If you wear a white shirt or a dark-colored sweater, you would look as stylish as possible. By the way, this option is also perfect for simple walks.

If your trousers are of a dark three-color print, it is advisable to combine them with things that have elements of all three colors. For example, the image has black, red, and green colors. A red-lined blazer, an emerald jumper, and black pumps are a great outfit formulas to have in your arsenal.

How To Style Checkered Men’s Pants

A bit of retro style is present in the checkered pants men’s outfit, diluted with checkered bright trousers. If you are going to an informal party, a cropped model with a vest from a suit and a white shirt would perfectly fit.

How To Style Checkered Men’s Pants?

And so, we figured out the most important thing, now let’s add some more details about how to style plaid men’s pants. Here you can show your imagination. Play with the colors of ties, socks, scarf, cap and so on. Dilute the classics with something interesting. If you are a lover of watches and other jewelry, then depending on the cage, you can choose the color of watches, chains, and even chains on the pants themselves. The belt should be unremarkable and not stand out from all the compositions. The same goes for suspenders. 

Knowing how to style black plaid pants is easiest because this color is combined with almost all men’s accessories. Everything here would depend on other shades in your clothes. If you have a shirt, you can choose a tie or bow tie. If you are wearing a coat, then you can choose a suitable cap or a scarf. It should be understood that too many checkered items of clothing shouldn’t be there either, otherwise it would look very strange if it isn’t a whole suit.

Tips for Choosing Plaid Pants Outfits

You can combine things with plaid pants men’s outfits in different ways. There are many options, we advise you to take a closer look at the following:

  • When it is necessary to visually expand the line of the shoulders, it is better to dwell on a plain pastel top and a small cage of trousers;
  • Any color options for clothing are suitable for dark pants, while only light ones are suitable for light ones;
  • It is important that the dark shades of the clothing match the tone of the trousers. Pastels aren’t required to maintain uniformity;
  • If you wear a shirt outside, a belt is optional. If you tuck into trousers, you need a belt;
  • The light upper allows you to choose light-colored shoes. For other combinations, it is better to dwell on the dark.

Agree that thinking about how to match plaid pants isn’t so difficult, right? The main thing here is to correctly combine with other details of your plaid trousers outfit, and at the same time not to overdo it with details so that it looks aesthetically pleasing.
We advise you to simply try different combinations with these pants, so you have ideas ready in case you need them soon. Feel free to mix and match when creating men’s plaid dress pants outfits. Be stylish!

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