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What Was Misha Collins Doing at the Oscar Ceremony 2021?

This time the 93rd Oscar ceremony was different from all the previous ones. Instead of a huge hall usually filled with spectators, the nominees gathered for the ceremony along with other important persons at small tables around the stage. But when the cameras showed a number of celebrities, Misha Collins was spotted sitting at a table with the cast and crew of the award-nominated Sound of Metal movie. Of course, Misha is a great actor, but he hasn’t starred since 2017. Therefore, the audience had a question: what is he doing at this event?

The actor who is best known for his role as Angel Castiel on the Supernatural series has not been nominated for any Academy Awards this year. Despite this, he was present there, but to support his longtime friend Darius Marder. The actor, as it turned out, is friends with the director and co-author of the script for Sound of Metal. He supported Marder throughout the whole awards process.

“I am proud of my friend whom I have known since 7th grade”- he tweeted on the day of the nomination. The Sound of Metal was nominated in six nominations, including winning two nominations for best editing and best sound.

Collins, in turn, was very surprised that people find his presence at the ceremony unexpected and incomprehensible.

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