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How to Wear Your Watch Correctly: Men Psychology of Wearing a Watch in the Right Hand

How to Wear Your Watch Correctly

Today, wristwatches are viewed more as a status symbol than a time-telling device. Now almost any electronic device has a time display. In the digital age, mechanical wristwatches are gradually transformed from functional items to status symbols.

If you walk into the meeting room of the board of directors of the companies included in the global top 100 in Forbes or Fortune, then you would surely see a watch on everyone’s wrist. Among them would certainly be such well-known brands as Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Frank Müller, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Patek Phillipe. However, this was not always the case. Exactly a hundred years ago, no self-respecting gentleman would have put a watch on his wrist for anything. In those days, a real man only had a pocket watch. The preferred status symbol was a gold half-hunter on a gold chain.

Everything began to change at the end of the nineteenth century, when the military discovered that it was much more convenient to wear a watch on the wrist in battle. The pocket watch was bulky and more difficult to use during battle. It was the military who invented primitive leather belts or cases for the hand, where they inserted a pocket watch, thereby freeing their hands for combat.

Now, it is difficult to say which country’s military was the first to use wristwatches. Most likely they were the British. In the 19th century, England was engaged in constant hostilities in its many colonies in Asia and Africa. The British possessed the most modern weapons and used advanced combat tactics.

One of the main theaters of constant battles was the vast territory of British India. Watch collector Richard Edwards analyzed thousands of photographs from the second half of the 19th century from the military archives. It turned out that watches on the hands of the British military in India began to appear starting in 1885. Most likely, this very date can be considered the time of the appearance of the first men’s wristwatches. At the same time, in essence, it was still just a pocket watch that was inserted into special cases to be worn on the wrist.

Which Wrist to Wear a Watch?

For men, watches are primarily a serious indicator of social status. Following business etiquette, they wear them on their left hand. However, men who still wear their watches in their right hands have a logical advantage: their watches would certainly be noticed earlier than others, even during the welcoming handshake.

Wristwatches have long become not only a practical but also a stylish accessory, a wonderful gift, and a good investment. Today, almost every one of us wears watches for different purposes: purely practical, to emphasize our status, to use individual functional tasks, or to complement our individual style. Given such a widespread prevalence, it is imperative to understand the basic principles of the correct use of watches and learn how to properly wear a watch.

Most people wear watches on their left hand, due to the number of right-handers, which is around 85% of the population. The recommendation to wear the watch on a particular hand arose from practical considerations. Today, a wristwatch can be worn as convenient. Choose for yourself what hand are you supposed to wear a watch on, so that you feel comfortable. And yet, there are some basic principles and recommendations that suggest where to wear the watch on your wrist and how to do it correctly.

On What Side Do Men Wear Watches by Etiquette?

On What Side Do Men Wear Watches

Watches are even more items of etiquette than other accessories. And by the ability to competently follow these basic rules, one can determine the owner’s taste and status, and even evaluate his ability to navigate fashion trends. Considering these simple guidelines, your wristwatch would be not just an everyday wardrobe item, but also a sign of good style. But if you are still in doubt with the choice, and unsure  what hand to wear a watch, we recommend trying it one way and then for another. As a result, by listening to your feelings, it would be easier to make a decisive choice and find out the correct way to wear a watch for yourself.

There is a well-established rule: do not wear a watch on the dominant hand, because it is inconvenient. The watch can be easily damaged or touched by a foreign object, not to mention that writing with the watch on the wrist is an extremely uncomfortable task, and it is much easier to fasten the watch on the wrist with the main hand.

It is also an interesting fact that according to ancient medicine, the wrist has certain Cun points directly related to the heart. And if these points are too transmitted, there is a possibility of disruption of the internal balance of energy flows. After all, the symmetrical and rhythmic pulsation of these points is a guarantee of health, longevity, and vigor. Therefore, depending on the location of these points, women are recommended to wear all kinds of accessories on their left hand, and men – wearing watches on the right wrist.

How Tight to Wear a Watch?

Regardless of whether you choose a model with a strap or a bracelet, the watch should fit snugly against your wrist without squeezing your hand. Therefore, be sure to properly adjust the strap or bracelet to the size of your wrist.

Remember that you should not wear a bracelet with a watch so that it dangles freely. For example, according to the rules of etiquette, it should move a couple of centimeters up and down along the wrist. The dial should not turn over in all directions. The ideal position of the watch is just above the wrist, and it is not allowed to go below the bone.

Men’s wristwatches should not fit too tightly on the wrist. If marks from the watch remain on the wrist, it means that it fits very tightly, and it is worth loosening the strap. Use the rule in this case: allow for enough room between the bracelet and the skin to stick your finger with some effort.

Which wrist to wear a bracelet with clothes:

Wearing a man’s watch on top of a sleeve or a shirt cuff is permissible only in informal situations. A special occasion or business meeting especially requires that the watch only peeks out slightly from the edge of the sleeve of your clothes when the arm is bent and closed when it is extended.

How to Choose the Right Watch according to the Psychology of Wearing a Watch in the Right Hand

Wearing a Watch in the Right Hand

The main criterion in choosing should be the size of your wrist. Since excessively massive models on a fragile hand or vice versa, a miniature watch on a wide wrist, can spoil the overall impression through a meaningless combination. We recommend that you pay attention to the fact that the body of the model is not visually wider than the wrist.

It is important to comply with the design of the model for a particular situation. For example, it is worth remembering that business style does not allow for a catchy design with small details or a sporty one, and an informal meeting is not an obligatory reason to choose a strict classic model. Perhaps, in certain cases, it is better to refuse a practical accessory.

The last basic principle of correct wearing of a watch is that it is considered impolite to look at it while talking with someone or during a meeting. Thus, you are a nuisance, you put your interlocutor in an uncomfortable position. He may decide that you are not interested in the conversation, or that you are in a hurry to end the meeting as soon as possible.

  • Right-handers do everything with their right hand; accordingly, it is more convenient to put on the watch on the left, so as not to burden the “working” limb with anything.
  • When putting on an accessory, it is much more convenient to fasten the wrist strap with your right hand.
  • It is also more convenient to wind the watch with the right hand. It is for this reason that the crown is usually located on the right of the watch.

What is the correct way to wear a watch on your wrist if you are left-handed, and what hand do men’s watches go on? You can safely put the watch on your right wrist. Fortunately, the era of retraining left-handers is over, and today they are not considered any special. Now you can find watches designed specifically for wearing on the right hand: in such models, all the buttons and crowns of the winding are located on the left. This means that left-handers can choose an accessory that suits them and not experience difficulties.
In general, there are no strict rules about how you wear your watch. You can wear them on your right hand, being right-handed so do many wearing watches in right-hand famous personalities.

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