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Supreme History or How You Managed To Grow From a Skate Shop to a Global Brand!

Supreme History

If you are interested in modern fashion, you probably know how much a Supreme hoodie is, but why are they so expensive? Do they have something that makes their clothes special and so popular among young people and not only? Today in the article we will discuss what it is and what’s the deal with Supreme. We think after that you would radically change your thoughts about this!

What Is Supreme?

The best place to start your study of history is what the Supreme brand is all about, so that you understand what is going on. Supreme clothing meaning is one of the symbols of street culture that has firmly taken its niche and retains its status as a manufacturer of rare street style clothing. In modern times, the brand can increasingly be seen on both the older and younger generations. In addition, many rappers and celebrities also adore this brand and quite often some of them even agree to collaborate with the Supreme skateboarding brand.

The Supreme business model is simple enough, but works well:

  • take a quality product;
  • sell it at an affordable price;
  • create a buzz around ー such that everyone wants to buy your things;
  • nourish the brand on time and create new special products during subsequent collections and more.

Sounds easier than it actually is. But Supreme managed not only to fulfill and over fulfill this plan, but also to subordinate the entire fashion industry to its logic and principles, as well as to increase its profits, which in turn, of course, influenced the Supreme prices.

Supreme clothes prices are now really high, making clothes even more exclusive, and people increasingly want to get some original outfit for themselves. Given this, you can hardly imagine how much money Supreme clothing makes. And these are really exorbitant amounts, given the great popularity, and the same number of people wearing Supreme.

Who Made Supreme?

Who Made Supreme

Supreme founder James Jebbia didn’t skate himself, but has always loved the skateboarding atmosphere. He worked with Sean Stussy for a while, and after he turned his back, he opened his own store in which he tried to reflect the spirit of skaters from Lower Manhattan. In other words, this is the person who made Supreme popular even after many years from different countries.

Where Is Supreme Made?

The production itself is located in the United States, but the points of sale themselves can be found in some cities of the world. The brand’s first store opened (and continues to operate today) at 274 Lafayette in New York. Supreme’s activities developed according to a scenario similar to the current street style projects: we discovered it ourselves, we bought it ourselves, but young designers can only dream of the success of New York skaters.

Today the brand is one of the symbols of street culture, which has firmly taken its niche and retains its status as a manufacturer of rare, even unique clothing. Try to find five Supreme stores in one city: you would never find one, because there are 9 of them all over the world. Two are based in the United States (New York and Los Angeles), one in London and 10 in Japan.

Supreme Logo Artist

Supreme Logo Artist

It may seem that the Supreme symbol is so simple and devoid of ideas that every school child can repeat it. Simple letters, simple background. But the representatives of street skate culture are the same mods, confused on names and appropriateness, as are those who are called mods in an ironic-condescending tone.

And, of course, the brand’s logo couldn’t have been invented out of the blue: the creators of Supreme were inspired by the work of the American artist Barbara Kruger. Having started her career in the 1960s as an artist for a fashion magazine, Kruger later switched to themes of feminism, pop culture and politics: the characteristic spelling of her slogans became the inspiration for the brand.

Supreme History

is supreme expensive

At 19, Jebbia returned to New York and became interested in skate culture. In one of his interviews, he said that he only had $100 with him. Jebbia later went to work in the futuristic fashion store Parachute, whose clients were Michael Jackson and Gary Newman.

After working there for some time and saving money, in 1989 he opened a Union NYC clothing store, where he sold clothes from England. But there is no open data on how much Jebbia spent on opening the store. The profitability of the project enabled Jebbia to save $12,000 and open a Supreme store in midtown Manhattan in 1994.

The new store was designed with items hanging along the walls and free space in the center for skaters who could drive into Supreme directly on skateboards. To work at the store, Jebbia brought in the same skaters who rode around the store.

In the beginning, customers of the new boutique could only buy clothes without trying them on. Supreme’s sellers wouldn’t even let them touch them, but even this unfriendly policy paid off: the brand immediately attracted the attention of skaters in New York.

how much do supreme hoodies cost

In the 90s, skateboarding became a popular sport, and the new store just became one of the few meeting places for young people in the city. And from that moment on, you can understand how Supreme became popular. It’s just over 25 years that they have taken a place not only in the sports goods market, but also in fashion. More precisely, a separate culture has formed around the brand. Apparel and accessories with a red and white logo sell out instantly, and the brand has collaborated with everyone in the world. This already explains a little how much Supreme hoodies cost, but we would tell you more in more detail a little later.

Since 2013, Supreme has been releasing two collections a year. They include literally everything from suits and coats to water pistols, motorcycles and patches with a red and white logo. Collections are presented as a whole, but they are sold in portions: a drop occurs every Thursday. It is assumed that you don’t know which item would end up in which drop, but leaks do happen quite often.

It is this intricate, at first glance, scheme that gives special pleasure to fans. They think in advance on what to start hunting. Imagine you like the shirt. I’ll have to go to the official site every Thursday to see if she’s showing up this week. But this is half the trouble, because you also need to have time to buy it before the soldier happens.

In 2017, the private equity firm Carlyle Group invested $500 million in Supreme, which gives the brand a roughly $1 billion valuation, even if financial details aren’t disclosed. But if you don’t know about it, then you would hardly guess by looking into the store – there, like 25 years ago, it smells of incense sticks and music plays loudly. The Supreme owner still controls almost all processes in the company.

Is Supreme a Luxury Brand?

Considering how much Supreme clothing is worth, we think it would be advisable to call this brand a luxury brand. Surely, due to the high quality of raw materials and production, it can be compared with other global brands.

where is supreme made

In addition, if you don’t forget that Supreme clothing products have collaborations with the same brands that we talked about a little earlier. It is unlikely that if the manufacturers believed that the Supreme wasn’t at their level, they would hardly cooperate with him.

Why Is Supreme So Expensive?

Well, the most interesting part of the article has arrived. Let’s highlight the main reasons why Supreme clothing is expensive.

Small Editions

How hard it is for fans of the Supreme brand: the collaborations in which they participate, there are always literally hundreds, or even units of goods. Every time they create excitement around their collections, the brand gathers kilometer-long lines at the doors of stores. And those who managed to get a piece from the limited edition share photos ー we love the feed under the #supreme tag on Tumblr.

Items from the “regular” Supreme collections are also made in small quantities: some are sold through mono brands, some are sold through the official online store, and some items can be found in Colette in Paris.

Secondary Market

supreme net worth

An artificially created deficit provokes a rise in prices in the secondary market. For example, Supreme hoodie price, which costs £150 in the official store, would be resold in the secondary market for 200. There are more than 94 thousand lots of Supreme items on the Grailed marketplace. The average selling price is $146, which ranges from 200 to 1000% of the retail value of the item. In addition, even Supreme resell prices aren’t significantly lower than the standard price, which is a slight disappointment for those looking for discounts. On the contrary, before the start of the holiday, it may seem to many that the Supreme shirt price is getting even higher.

Supreme sells $30-60 million annually (now you have a rough idea of ​​how expensive Supreme is). And that’s only in original stores and on the website, but there is a secondary market outside of eBay as well. For example, clothing is sold on social media, making it difficult to estimate the size of the aftermarket. It is likely to exceed the company’s annual income.

Scandalous Marketing

Early in Supreme’s career, Jebbia walked the streets of New York and put on stickers with the brand’s logo. He got this idea from graffiti artists who paint their mark on the walls. According to Lifestyle Asia, Jebbia once pasted the Supreme logo on a Calvin Klein ad featuring Kate Moss. This angered Calvin Klein, and the company was suing Supreme.

Despite the level of influence, the brand still adheres to guerrilla marketing, so the brand only launched the site in 2006. Jebbia doesn’t spend a lot on brand advertising, believing that a good product would do it all. And until 2009, Supreme didn’t even make lookbooks that are traditional for clothing brands. It was after this period that the Supreme net worth increased by several more positions.


supreme founder

Almost immediately, Supreme began receiving collaboration offers from artists creating skateboard and T-shirt designs. Considering who collaborations are with popular brands as well as celebrities, the question is Supreme expensive shouldn’t arise. The brand was the first to organize collaborations with other brands and print artists’ work on logo T-shirts.

In terms of marketing, collaboration is Supreme’s ability to allow a brand to reach a wider audience. Supreme has started collaborating since its inception. The first was a collaboration with the film Taxi Driver ー these were T-shirts with a portrait of Robert De Niro, who played the main role in this film.

Supreme has collaborated not only with apparel and footwear brands, but also with celebrities like Lady Gaga and P. Diddy. Jebbia has worked with everyone from musician Daniel Johnston to Budweiser beer. It is because of the large number of collaborations that you can see a lot of celebrities wearing Supreme. The logo has even appeared on New York City subway passes.

New Assortment and New Stores

what is supreme

Supreme first drops its own apparel with a few T-shirts. Shortly thereafter, the brand decided to expand the line and began producing cotton hooded sweatshirts. The new sweatshirts sold well, as did the caps that followed.

Over the next few years, the brand expanded its range to include Oxford shirts, M-65 jackets, pants and cardigans. Until 2004, Supreme didn’t open any other stores in the United States. The second retail outlet in America was the Los Angeles store. It was twice the size of a New York store and even had a skate park.

Step by step, Supreme expanded its geography: later, the store of the American brand appeared in Paris. All new stores echoed the aesthetic of the first point ー they were also designed so that there was free space for skaters in the center of the room. And yes, it also increases with Supreme expense with each release of the special collection. In addition, it can fluctuate due to the location of some stores. So from the next collection it would be just as difficult to say how much is a Supreme shirt, or other item of clothing, but if you are going to already plan a purchase, then it is better to save up with a small margin. So we told you all the most interesting about why Supreme cost so much. Perhaps many still disagree, but if you understand the essence of this brand and also see its peculiarity, as the creator thought it over, then you agree with the Supreme clothing cost and would be ready to give this money for these products. We think that by learning more about the history of the brand’s creation, you now understand even more why Supreme is popular and why it is so valued among youth cultures. Of all the Supreme brand clothing, which piece would you like to have in your wardrobe?

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