Wikipedia Editors Voted for Blocking All Donations in Cryptocurrency

wikipedia blocking crypto donations

Various critics have long argued that the use of cryptocurrency demands too much energy and is too damaging to the planet. And recently, a group of more than 200 Wikipedia editors has requested to prevent any form of donations in cryptocurrency.

It was reported by the foundation that this year they received approximately 130,000 dollars worth of crypto donations. The original author of the proposal thinks that cryptocurrencies are risky investments and they have only been getting popular among the investors.

Other users say that Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are now the two most commonly used cryptocurrencies, demand an enormous amount of energy.

However, there are those who defend crypto, stating that USD currency would not allow remaining anonymous. For example, bank transfers can be unavailable for people who don’t have a government ID or don’t have an account.

Meanwhile, the representative of the foundation says they are considering ending this kind of donation. Other information will appear later after the team reviews the request and finished the discussions.

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