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Will Football Never Be the Same Again? FIFA Has Announced Testing New Changes

FIFA Considers Reducing Football to 30-Minute Halves

It was reported, FIFA has decided to experiment and add new changes to the rules of football. The new rules will make the game look almost completely different from its current version, which affects the duration and pauses in the game.

One of the most important changes is two 30 minute halves, which would replace the game’s current 90 minutes time and an unlimited number of substitutions.

This is not the first time when times for 30 minutes have been proposed. In 2017, a lot of people asked to reduce the amount of playtime to 60 minutes saying that a typical 90-minute match is less effective. It was also added that such a match is boring for a new generation who used to play video games.

The test will take place during a tournament in the Netherlands with youth teams from all across Europe. The teams with members who are under 19 will play by the new rules in the Future Football Cup, which started last week.

However, FIFA ensures that it does not plan to introduce any innovations by this moment as these new rules have not been discussed yet. But after the tournament is over, FIFA will analyze the impact of the rules and how the changes have affected the quality of the game and then will consider their introduction at the global level.

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