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With the Help of Porsche’s Sonderwunsch Program, You Can Design Your Car the Way You Want


Back in the 1970s, Porsche company presented its Sonderwunsch program to the world, which means Special wishes to you and me. But then, it was only available to a very limited number of select customers. The lucky ones were given the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind Porsche. But now the sports car company is looking to bring this service back, along with other various restoration and customization options.

So far, the company has provided little explanation of what to expect from such news. However, based on past experience, this service allowed customers to customize their Porsche in their own way. Namely, you can add new options for exterior finishes, prints on rugs, and even door lighting. Imagine yourself as the designer of your car and make it the way you want it to be, even the leather parts inside the car can be decorated with your own signature.

The VP of Porsche said that their goal is to offer customers from all around the world a wide range of customization options. And starting with the new possibilities for individualization and personalization of individual components, they now have an option to suit every client.

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