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Wrath of Man, a Film of Guy Ritchie with Jason Statham Debuted in Its First Trailer

wrath of man

The latest project of Guy Ritchie together with Jason Statham which is called Wrath of Man has finally appeared in its first trailer. The upcoming film suggests all action movie lovers get acquainted with the dark and mysterious story of the film’s main character. Read also: It Was Announced about a Remake, Starring DiCaprio, of Another Round Movie .

The trailer begins with the scene when the murder of the son happened. Then we see Statham hurrying to the scene of the crime, but he is eventually shot and unable to save his child. He decides to take revenge and starts acting undercover as a driver. He’s hoping to find people who were involved in the murder. The actor demonstrates his incredible shooting skills, which greatly surprises everyone. Read also: What Was Misha Collins Doing at the Oscar Ceremony 2021?

Post Malone also appeared in the trailer a couple of times. But it looks like his character unfortunately will not appear in the forthcoming film. For all fans of Statham or Richie, the film will arrive in cinemas on May 7th, 2021.

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